Tileset image to FEBuilder script (PyxelEdit edition)

Get it here!: https://github.com/lenhtilGreens/PyxelToFEB

Brief: Given a tileset image, you will be able to generate the chipset and map_chipconfig files necessary to import into FEBuilder (and optionally populate it with terrain and palette data if you include a properly formatted TMX/Tiled file).

What you will need:

  1. The script : convertXMLtoMapChipConfig.py
  2. Python3 : You may need to install Python if you don’t already have it on your OS
  3. PyxelEdit : Image editor that specializes as a tile-based environment. (I’ve had some issues using it as a drawing program, but it generates chipsets well and the tile/map functions are intuitive/useful.) Free version is fine.
  4. GraphicsGale : Usenti might work, but I am more familiar with palette manipulation via GraphicsGale so used it for these examples. If you’re only importing 16 color tilesets, you don’t need to worry about it.
  5. FEBuilder : Naturally, since this generates a .mapchip_config file.

Read the readme in the repo for the process. If you have any issues/crashing, let me know and I can try to help.
The scripts work but they aren’t necessarily robust (I’m more graphics than programming experienced), so having the right input is important.
If a more experienced hand wants to improve the code, feel free to use it however you want!


This is super cool! Can see this having neat application for custom tilesets. Thanks for sharing.