Thugs' Mugs + Nugs

Everything is F2E/F2U unless other specified (but do credit me or at least don’t claim you made them idk)
Also almost everything has a jank/FE7 palette don’t ask why just requantize


omg i saved over it stupid Ark dsogsfg wowieiee hackbox guy

battle sprites?


Old stuff

Liese (please edit before use)

Deprecated pixels

dsogsfg guy stupid
Ark ← this mug’s stray hair strand gets cut off because of the hackbox so please move everything one pixel to the right if you intend to use this mug (I’ll fix it later)


So the archer girl, how much do we have to edit it? Change the hair color etc.?

the problem with the archer girl is she still looks relatively like the OC design from the forum user she was submitted by to that Never to Be hack. Ideally change her hair color and add an accessory. I could just ransack the sprite and change her to Someone Else but I needed padding for the thread and couldn’t be assed finishing another mug today lol

Ah rip, okay thank you.

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fyi for spoiler tags



That archer girl is suuuuper good/cute. Love the colors and the little bow on top. I don’t see a lot of mugs that pique my interest like that so congrats on a job well done mate!

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At last somewhere I can steal a quiver from.


Updated OP post with the following:

I noticed some mugs had minis that were way too small, so here are some versions of them with minis that are slightly too big??:


dsogsfg ![guy|128x112](upload://xYSOzGsFzrExR99g (upload://iBbXDG60JndfQml2r8lMdArIiXj.png)
4voGC6Rz5hU.png) stupid

edit: i feel extreemly insane and evil right now

by the way, this character, while based on the design for a male character someone submitted, is not meant to be explicitly gendered. they are intended to invoke gender envy in a specific subset of people. this edit is just when they feel like being fancy with their makeup


I promise this is the last post I’m gonna make in the same day LOOOOL but this mug was difficult and turned out pretty well so I’m gonna brag:
F2E/F2U like everything else, but this mug CANNOT be used in a fat-shaming context, like not even in terms of in-universe meanness. If you absolutely have to please PM me the context for screening.

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I ended up reworking a bunch of stuff for no real reason??? And I intended to rework the ugly barbarian dude but I ended up just making a new dude. Okay.

Minor updates

stupid (I don’t remember what I did)
Ark (Fixed slouch)
dsogsfg (Forehead moved back, smaller eyes)
hackbox (Hair now makes more sense)

New guy:
I don’t really like this deesign but I had no idea what to do for clothes LMAO. He seems like a good splice candidate tho P:

Coming up, archer girl rework so she can be F2U without limits

(I’ll update OP tomorrow probably; it’s late right now)


I lied lol here’s something wack (?) and something wacker (?)

omg i saved over it

Attempted to do a battle sprite still of her without referencing an extant battle sprite:
(please help me pinpoint what the hell I did wrong besides being in the megaman fandom too long so I can make an animation smh)

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working on Annette and by extension a female academy phase body base for the FROG
I may have underestimated the uniform’s difficulty by like, a lot… just the collar took over half an hour.
edit: checked the time and it took like almost an hour actually LOL


Holy cow this is all really quality stuff. You could make a whole hack out of all these portraits you’ve created! My favorite is archer girl even though she’s under the “old stuff” section haha

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Thanks for the compliment! That hack would have a pretty small roster.
It’s a little mystifying that the archer girl is everyone’s fave when she took the second least amount of technical… stuff… out of all of them. And the design isn’t even really mine either, @Ash3wl gave me something to work with. Although I’m pretty sure most of the guidance was that he wanted a little sister type character


No problem! Aww, I feel bad now for having a favorite which design isn’t even yours. Something about her quiver just makes the sprite really cool looking to me. In fact I think having characters weapons in their sprite is a severely underrated design choice which you pull off well. That being said my second favorite has to be the light blue haired guy with the swords, he reminds me of Norman from The Promised Neverland lol.

Yeah, was originally a splice before the really godly btw edits for a friend’s self-insert sorta thing.

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it’s Ethyria (Nijisanji EN) six month anniversary sometime around now so I started on mugs for them

First is my oshi Enna. her frames kinda suck and I didn’t check if they looked right because I just slapped them together as I am going blind from eye strain

BTW: don’t go spreading this around I wanna tweet out all four with the appropriate tags when my eyesight has recovered and I finish them

Edit: btw the unfinished Annette half body is F2E like everything else in the thread so if someone else wants to finish it since I did a decent amount of the work feel free :weary:


I finished the Annette thingie I think
Annete frames


The VTuber Yuna Astrea, part of the twin VTuber unit Duo Leveling of HoshiLive (@duoleveling on Twitter).
Yuna DuoLeveling
Her sister Yuki is next.
I need to confirm with them whether they want the portraits to be F2U.
(Also, after finishing Yuki and determining F2U or “F2U but you have to edit it” I’ll dump my latest few things into the repo.)

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I think that mug is well done and clean for the most part, the only thing I would suggest is maybe re picking the pink colours for the hair, I think the contrast in colour between the middle shade and darkest shade is too close and the difference between the middle and lightest shade is too far vs like your Ethyria’s hair shading colours are more balanced between the three. Other than that, the rest of the mug is really well shaded.

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