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Well, I made yet another animation edit. It’s a dracoknight without the helmet. The dropbox links include an axe, lance, handaxe, and unarmed animation, as well as a class card and map sprite for both lance and axe. I’ll probably make a helmetless dragon lord sometime in the future to go with this animation.

Credit to Mikey Seregon, Alfred Kamon, and eCut for the axe and handaxe animations.

Edit: There used to be a frame of the female axe animation that was still male, so I fixed it in the dropbox. Anyone who downloaded the animation should replace frame 25 with this one.


Been wanting something like this for a while. Helmetless-anything is always better. armour knight and shaman soon?


there’s already a hoodless shaman. I think the cape loop is a bit broken but it’s not a hard fix


Thanks, I’ve got the wyvern lord repalette pending. I’ll look into the wicked flier.

edit: Looks like those haven’t been coded in yet, at least publically. This video demonstrates the ‘crit’ from the release: @BlueDruid, correct me if you’ve done more work on it (and throw a link our way ;)).


Ever want to use that cool Hawkzerker but also have female Berserkers?
… Have I said this before?

Package includes everything you’ll need.


Design by Pikmin1211
Axe animation by Maiser6
Handaxe Animation by Maiser6
Sword Animation by Maiser6
Unarmed Animation by Maiser6
Map Sprite by Pikmin1211 and DerTheVaporeon
Class Card by DerTheVaporeon

Gif Previews



These are the Breastzerkers I’ve seen in a while :eyes:


Maybe the helmet should stand out more a little bit more. I first thought the character would have cat ears and I had to double check. Furthermore the dodging animation is really weird. It looks like the right leg is stuck and the character tries to move it with no success. Besides that it’s a great animation though.


It’s more a headband than a helmet


I will say this… Those legs get big after she swings IMO. Also is Hawkeye Dodge animation like that as well? Seems kinda like nothing at all.


Awesome work what is next animation you go worker my friend?


Thank you! Me and my friends are working hard on more stuff. I’m hoping to push another release later tonight.


Thanks for the answer my friend i 'ca wait for is


Add ecut to the credits since she made that dracoknight base (I know because I scripted it for her)

I should look at this topic more often rip


I divided the image of the icon icon of Weapon Icons (All F2U) of Animation Repository into 16x16 so that it can be imported into FEBuilderGBA.
//Those which are too different in format are not transplanted.
//convert -crop 16x16 foo.png icon_%03d.png

Icons can be used more conveniently, so please add this to the repository.
Since I just split the file, it is not necessary to add my name to credit.


Wow! Thanks a bunch, 7743! I’ll add it to my WIP one asap!

Edit: There are actually a WHOLE bunch of other ones not in the old repo release I’ve been waiting to release. Would you mind doing the same thing for them?

Ignore the Lisandra Brave image. It’s what you gave me already. I forgot to remove it before sending.


I made it in addition.
Since there was something that failed to divide “Snakey 1’s Icons” last time, I did the split again.
Please overwrite.


Thanks for this process I was doing it myself last night.


Here are all the available icons, merged together. Huge thanks to 7743 for taking time out of his busy schedule to create this!


Yeah I probably should have split mine up when I first posted them…
Sorry about that.


I plan to merge all of Lisandra’s icons into one folder. I’d prefer one superfolder per creator, personally. That includes LordGlenn.