The Ultimate Graphics Repository for GBAFE, FEXP, and FEXNA


True. I totally forgot about that one xD
The breath of the zombi dracos from FE8 might fit as well.

I did edit the Lute sage from the yggrda patch.

[details=Lute Sage w/ extensions]

Credit: Aruku, Kenpuhu, Nuramon


I’ve finished the sword animation for the Harbinger and added it to the Dropbox :wink:


Credit: Nuramon, Linkain Arakeist (for the magical orb)


My god, that animation looks amaaaaaazing~

Is that sword supposed to be the, uh, what was it called? I think the Gugurrant? The weapon Ashnard had. If that is, then wowie does it add to the coolness factor that the Harbinger already was with the axe alone!

Edit: Apparently the magic gif never loaded for me, looks amazing as well~

Great work~


Ooooooooooookay! I got around to finally adding all the anims from the last couple weeks.

Max from Discord made a new Speedy Speed Blader, find it in the (Swords) Myrmercidon folder. (It’s a hybrid of both, call it whatever you will)

There’s a Guy Restyle by Eldritch Abomination too!

An Arena Style Brigand by Eldritch…

SageMatthis also made an Axe-Only female merc with a skirt, but since it’s axe only I stuck it in the Axe folder. Note that it also shares the handaxe and basic axe animations in the same file, so it looks kinda weird ingame when her axe switches to a handaxe in a single frame.

Eldritch made up the majority of contributions, this round, so here’s his Mage Lord.

Nuramon’s Harbinger is in there as well!

I added a bunch of Eldritch’s repalettes for magic and sword users, but they aren’t especially noteworthy so I won’t post their images here.

What is cool is the Ghost and Poltergeist, which Eldritch made.

Nuramon made the FE10 Black Dragon as well!

And finally at a personal request from me, Nuramon also made the Lute Sage with Long Hair, which you can find in the Yggdra folders.

Original Lute for comparison.

A last-second addition was Jono the Red from LOTF’s Beta Eirika fixes. Her animation doesn’t have any SFX when she crits and she was missing a few frames, so those issues were rectified.

And that’s it! Around thirty new animations!


Wow, some of these are seriously cool. That harbinger :heart_eyes:

I made a resized, modified Elibe map for FE8 (darker colors like fe8, names removed, and 16color because it was easier…). Dunno if you want something like that in the google drive, but it’s here:

Edit: Andres is working on a better-looking map. Update by Leonarth to not have such bad color grading here:


I was actually looking for feedback to polish the animation before posting it here myself, but I suppose that is one way to things.

I actually have a separate animation for indirect attacks, I just programmed the default axe animation to have the handaxe animation.


That map is fairly hideous. Does it look better ingame or anything?


Probably not. This is the direct rip for comparison though. Neither is even close to the fe8 map in quality, but I just worked with what the rip gave me (shoutout to any artist who wants to handmake a better one) It’s possible my colorblindness made the colors look better than they do though? If so that’s an easy fix from someone with good eyes in usenti.


I’d rather post original, high quality rips in the repo where possible. Those, in addition to high quality custom world maps, stuff like that, etc.

Also, if you’re colorblind, that explains the map. I don’t know what it looks like to you, but to me it’s extremely splotchy.


Perhaps I should throw these at discord first while I impatiently wait for someone else to do it then. Yeah, map just looks sharper to me lol. That’s unfortunate. After I doubled the original map’s size I found out that it just doesn’t look good as a hub because its coloring is so bland. Thanks for letting me know :ok_hand:


It works well for me


Side note, the Ghost and Poltergeist sprites are from Breath of Fire 2, I just fixed them up for Fire Emblem insertion


When the new long haired Lute crits, her hair are stuck in midair for a while, which is really weird.
Aside from that, it’s a cool animation!

I also love all the new additions, congrats to everyone!


Hey, just checked the repo and dont see any of the files in the “Myrmercidon”(lel) folder .


There’s a couple classes missing files, Squire is also missing them.

Edit: Both Myrmercidon and Squire seem to be present now, maybe a glitch with drive?


I am apparently having issues with the repo… sigh. Gonna reupload everything.

Daily reminder.


Edit: All of these folders aren’t fully uploaded, the ones missing the blue icon.

Edit: Ah, I see what the problem is. I used Yeti’s tool for gifs and such willy-nilly, not realizing things weren’t resyncing properly. That’s partially on me.

Easily fixable, just tedious.


There’s something I mentioned a while ago that I want to mention again to spread awareness.
There’s a bug with Eirika’s Great Lord Critical animation where the critical flash is missing.
You can see it here:
I’ve looked around and it doesn’t seem like shadowofchaos ever released the fix.
If that’s the case then I think a fixed version should be uploaded on here, probably just replacing her normal animation, since no one would really prefer a version without the flash over the one with the flash.


I’d also like to report a problem with Max’s Swordfighter F. If you’re making a buildfile, you need to load the animation through FEditor to get the extensionless file, but frame 66, the big white flash, actually breaks FEditor for taking up too much tile space. You can get around this by deleting the frame from the script and it will work afterwards. But by default, the animation doesn’t work with buildfiles.

Speaking of, it’s kind of inconvenient that this huge unified graphics repository doesn’t have the extensionless file come with the animations by default. I guess FEBuilder took off while I was away, but I thought a number of people were still using buildfiles. I mean, it doesn’t take too much time to generate the file needed on my own, but it’s a bit disappointing that a project that seems to position itself as the one-stop-shop for all things animations would be missing crucial components for some methods of working on a rom.


Feel free to go through and make the extensionless files. It should only take several hours or so :confused:

I’ve switched to one giant .7z file. You’ll need Winrar or 7zip to unzip the entire repo.

Plus side: It’s only 101 MB’s! Takes twenty seconds for me to zip and upload!


To be honest I did notice that but due to the fact that it’s in the vanilla fem sage animation too and that I had very limited time at hand, I didn’t fix it till then.

[details=But this should fix it]

Credit: Aruku, Kenpuhu, Nuramon

Thank you very much :smiley:
I’m glad you do enjoy the Harbinger as much as I do xD
And yes, it is Ashnard’s Gurgurant :wink: