The Ugly Mug Character Writing Contest

I’m in too. It’s not like we’re creating an evil abomination… right?

those were already made. now we just need to give them personalities or smth

Sure, why not. Sign me in.

Okay, this seems interesting enough to try my hand at.

I’d be down.this looks like a fun way for me to write worth a damn for once

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Looks fun, count me in

I’d like to join, if it’s not too late.

I’d like to join, if possible

There’s like 54 ugly mugs now (I think?), and we’re up to 23 participants. Neat.

We’ll see how things look by the time the weekend rolls around. Ideally we’d have 2 characters per participant.


if you guys are gonna flag my nonsense response made purely to signify my entry then i just won’t participate

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you could instead just say “wow this seems like a very interesting community project, i’d like to participate please!”


sorry for being based

anyway yeah this seems super interesting and creative and i hope you guys have fun

Alrighty, cut off time.

23 participants. 59 ugly mugs.

I’ll divvy out the work the characters later this evening or tomorrow when I get the chance! It’s looking like everyone’s going to get 2-3 characters a pop. Don’t let that get to you, you don’t have to submit an entry for each of them if you don’t want to.

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(top to bottom, left to right, 5 on each row. also there was a submission last night which rounds it to 60)

Have fun! You can just post here whenever you’re ready to share.

(Apparently I can only @ 10 people in a single post, screw you jattwood.)

@MysteriousDancer: 30, 18, 31
@daffodil: 19, 9, 2 (LORD)
@Smokeyguy77: 45, 4, 15
@Makar: 47, 32, 27
@GratedShtick: 28, 33, 34
@RandomWizard: 58, 39, 22
@SirNicee: 7, 10, 44 (LORD)
@Darrman: 54, 37, 41
@MrGreen3339: 48, 23, 8
@Its_Just_Jay: 40, 57, 21

@Knight_Moris: 52, 55, 5
@XVI: 16, 13, 43
@Runa: 11, 20, 3
@Rivian: 35, 36
@XPGamesNL: 50, 14
@Citrus: 25, 6
@Mycahel: 26, 29
@MeatOfJustice: 24, 42
@LordGlenn: 46, 12
@serif: 1, 51


@JiroPaiPai: 53, 56
@CM9: 59 (LORD), 49
@BorsDeep: 38, 17

Let’s get this started, shall we? I grabbed the ugly mugs from the thread for ease of comparison.

Ugly Mug 2 - @J-Treecko
Name: Rory
Class: Berserker
Story: Rory was once the king of (place). (Empire) invaded it a few decades ago and threw him out. He then worked out in an attempt to eventually take the kingdom back.
Traits: Won’t shut up about working out and how he used to be a king.
Hits: Being a king, working out
Misses: [Empire], people criticising his workout regime
Age: 70
Height: 5’7/170cm

image - @PentV
Name: James
Class: Cavalier
Backstory: James is a knight of the [kingdom]. He was always irritated by people from his hometown being stupid, so he wears a perpetual scowl in the face of stupidity. This does not stop him from being effective in combat.
Traits: Easily annoyed, otherwise standard knight type
Hits: Order, [kingdom]
Misses: Stupidity, incompetence
Age: 27
Height: 6’1/185cm

image - @knabepicer

Name: Mark
Class: Sniper
Story: Mark was a long-serving tactician in [Empire]'s army. However, he failed badly in combat one day, so he got discharged. Frustrated at the injuries he received in battle, he decided to lend his services to the [Kingdom] he was previously fighting against in revenge.
Traits: Somewhat underhanded, fond of plotting
Likes: Strategising, his revenge
Dislikes: That one battle, [Empire] throwing him out
Age: 46
Height: 5’8/173cm


image - @DerTheVaporeon
Name: Gorza
Class: Warrior
Backstory: Gorza is a lumberjack. His efficiency makes efficiency 5 diamond axes from Minecraft look pathetic. He fights because a soldier of (Empire) drew a no no word on one of his trees, sending him into a rage.
Traits: Lumberjack, but loves living trees. The power of contradiction.
Likes: Trees, axes
Dislikes: (Empire), no no words
Age: 35
Height: 6’0/180 cm

image - @GenericPretsel
Name: Xeno
Class: Slayer (Fenix’s class from TLP)
Backstory: As a kid, Xeno loved to use swords, but he was also a psychopath. Needless to say, he became a bloodthirsty maniac.
Traits: Bloodthirsty, vicious, edgy
Likes: Swords, murder
Dislikes: Restraint
Age: 38
Height: 6’3/190 cm

image - @RandomWizard
Name: Maria
Class: Civilian
Backstory: Luigi Justice & PRide wanted to create human life manually but it resulted in this monstrosity. She is very clingy towards her creator due to lack of other instincts.
Traits: Clingy, loyal
Likes: Luigi
Dislikes: Existence without her creator
Age: 2 (she is artificial life after all)
Height: 5’6/168 cm


- @MysteriousDancer

Ideally: Monk (Light) -> Agent [Executioner] (Light, Dark)
Vanilla FE8: Monk

An assassin dispatched to remove political obstacles to what their handlers view as progress (i.e. foreign powers and their conflicting religions, etc.), using the guise of a simple traveling acolyte for infiltration purposes. Will often integrate themself into groups and armies to make reaching their target easier and will depart those parties in the shadows just as quickly they joined. They were a late-“adopted” orphan - what they thought was finally the hope of a loving, caring family rescuing them from the monastery turned out to be the event that broke their psyche entirely, causing them to have no sense of attachment beyond taking orders from their new masters and putting on whatever appearance and emotion is needed to prevent others from suspecting they aren’t an acolyte.

Character Traits:
Analytic / Calculating

Traveling across the world

Politicians and nobles
Resistance by victims


160 cm

- @SD9000

Ideally: Deserter (Lance) -> Crusader [Sergeant] (Lance, Sword)
Vanilla FE8: Wyvern Rider

Formerly a pious soldier, he fell out of faith in his religion over the countless wars that they were always embroiled in. Without the guiding purposes he previously had, he fell into depression and lost most of his worldly possessions. An opportunistic businessman found him in the corner of an abandoned building and, seeing someone of a rugged physique, decided to exploit the down-and-out man by sponsoring him to go to an arena to fight for coin. His military training came to great effect in his career in as a pit fighter, rising from the lowly penny arenas in the surrounding slums to the city’s center coliseum. Surviving the grueling bouts gave him purpose as well as a drive to keep on fighting - it seems that he was never able to get away from it after all. He has begun taking up religious practices again in the hopes that he could find safety and hope in his bouts, reflection in his life’s actions, and forgiveness for abandoning his faith all of those years ago.

Character Traits:
Not easily swayed by authority

Adrenaline of combat

Religious conflict
Being told what to do


198 cm


image - @beccarte
Name: Azara
Class: Bishop (pre-promote)
Backstory: Azara grew up as an orphan on the streets of (Major City), struggling to survive. One day, however, he was mortally wounded after falling from a great height; a dark cult, however, found Azara, healed him, and took him in as one of their acolytes. He swiftly grew in power and loyalty to the cult, even disfiguring his own face to match that of their demonic idol.
Traits: Massive mood swings, evil laughter, loyalty
Likes: (The dark god), long hair
Dislikes: Dogs, disloyalty
Age: 24
Height: 5’11’’/179 cm

something - @XVI
Name: Pierre
Class: Mercenary -> Landsknecht (Swords, Lances; Infantry)
Backstory: Although he joined the mercenary guild after deserting from the army of his distant homeland, Pierre is no mere sellsword, no - he is a connoisseur. In addition to offering his services as a swordsman of no common skill, he also travels the world to seek out and taste the finest wines and cheeses.
Traits: Stereotypical French accent, constantly drunk, braggart
Likes: Good food, fashionable clothing
Dislikes: (His homeland), bad weather
Age: 31
Height: 6’1’’/185 cm

image - @Smokeyguy77
Name: Aeougriad (pronounced “Ow-gree-odd”)
Class: Shaman -> Summoner
Backstory: Aeougriad is not, strictly speaking, a person; he’s the spirit of a warlock from hundreds of years ago, who sealed his soul into an enchanted shawl to escape execution by the church. The artifact warps the body of whoever wears it to reflect Aeougriad himself, and allows Aeougriad some measure of control over the body. In his most recent incarnation, he’s taken over the corpse of a child killed in the war; the small hands can’t perform his ancient incantations properly, but it’s better than nothing.
Traits: Incredibly patient, tendency to monologue, extreme paranoia
Likes: The good old days, other magic-users
Dislikes: Religion, idiots
Age: 845 (the body is 7)
Height: 3’0’’/91 cm (for the shawl; the body is 4’1’’/124 cm)