The Road to Ruin

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Here’s my End Game results from Road To Ruin and sorry if I spoil anyone Idk know how to use spoiler tags…
Vance is just like Ike Path of Radiance I’m my opinion in terms of stats but pretty cool to see his relationship with his dad

Sylvia kinda got Magic screwed but did well against shamans and druids

This guy is very reliable and never disappointed me

I love his great knight pallete and he can hit hard and tank hits
He is the GOAT

she was blessed with defense even though she didn’t hit hard but giving her the imbued lance makes her a monster lol

I had him go up against the Captain and Major Yorlu which was pretty cool and he was able to take Hits

Ava getting promoted caught me off guard lol and forgot to apply the recent patch so that she can get her correct frosts after promotion

Very useful early game when it came to fighting off knights and generals with his high magic. Having horse and staves made him my favorite

In previous gamplays Hugo disappointed me but not this time especially that he got blessed with such high luck

Very helpful in the chapter that he was recruited in and especially with the fact he can defend himself

Needed him in the last chapter as staffbot

Staffbot with a horse is great

She was a monster with the wind sword and great for stealing shit for me

Helped as npc

Helped as npc

I wish there was a playable wyvern rider in this game since they’re my favorite units . Maybe include colonel ulrigar as playable…

Which brings me to mind how come there wasn’t a playable wyvern rider in the game?

But anyways love the difficulty of the early game of this hack but it kinda gets easy afterwards later on. The music was great too especially the fact that chapter 5 theme of FE 4 is in the game (my favorite soundtrack from FE 4)


A bit late to the party but way to get into the illustrious hall of fame of people who’ve actually finished their hacks, I tip my cap to you, good sir. tip


It just didn’t happen. Thanks for the end game screens!
As for the difficulty: If it’s something you’d like addressed, you gotta give me specifics!


Thank You Mr.Primefusion,
now i can continue to enjoy playing the game again