The Road to Ruin

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Can i ask for something ?
wheres i can find the new patch for chapter 10 up ?
because the new version witch i download is stop in end of demo.
please help


There is no patch for anything past chapter 10.
You’ll just have to wait.


oh I Apologize
I think chapter 10 up already out
if still in the process
I wish it was quickly completed and immediately play back
I will wait
thanks Mr.Primefusion


Is Dead it is ?
Mr.Primefusion, please its about 8 months ago from the last my question and until now there is no certainty about the continuation of Road to Ruin ? please answer, thank you


Patience is everything.
The final release is on the horizon.


Thank Mr Underground! :trumpet:


Do you like mods? How about completed ones?

The Road to Ruin v3.0

Yes, that’s right. It’s done. This patch has 23 chapters of content, plus a few interludes, with the final chapter being chapter 20.

Fair warning: This is more of an open beta than a be-all-end-all release. Please report bugs and glitches as they pop up.

This release has been a long time coming. I started working on this mod all the way back in 2009, and it’s just now seeing a final release. For perspective: I started and finished college before I finished this project.

I’m not sure what else to say, so I’m keeping the fanfare to a minimum.
Your previous save files should be compatible (hopefully, can’t guarantee it).

I hope you all enjoy!


Congrats on finishing(sort of).
Quick question, is it finished with or without supports?


Every character has 1 support partner (had to strike a balance between wanting supports and not wanting to burn myself out). List coming soon


Dammit, way to “pull an Arch” LOL.

But still congratulations, man! This is a major milestone.


Congrats on finally crossing the finish line!

I likely won’t have the time or opportunity to playthrough myself, but I’m sure I’ll catch a playthrough of it somewhere to live it and all of the sexy maps and palettes vicariously.


TBH, it’s to avoid the whole “private beta, but half the people in it don’t give feedback and just want the patch” thing.
'Cause that’s kinda-sorta what happened the last time I recruited beta testers


Been there, done that. :thumbsup:


Killer, congrats primetime!

I’ll have to fire up vba and give this a go at some point.


Bug fix for chapter 3. Get version 3.0.1.
I’m sure it won’t be the last bug fix


If you downloaded the patch I posted a couple of hours ago, please re-download it. There’s a another bug fix in there for chapters 14-16.


Played the first couple of chapters. It’s pretty good so far! Feels a lot rougher to start out with than standard gbafe, though… or maybe I’m just salty because I keep dying to incredibly unlikely rng and the peg knight can’t hit a goddamn 80% to literally save her life… but it still seems quite balanced, so that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It looks good, too; the colours are very nice. The only complaint I have so far is that it needs some proofreading - there are some missing commas and such. This

is probably the worst one I’ve found so far because it actually changes the meaning of the line. (I mean, you obviously understand what he’s saying from the context, but it bugs me.)


Okay, another bug fix patch, v3.0.2

Fixes a bug where O’Riley or Aaron might end up with 0 movement in chapter 8.

Enables the reinforcements that were accidentally disabled in the final chapter.


Damn, Prime. Congrats on the soft “full” release.


The fun never stops. New bug fix patch v3.0.3
This fixes a bug affecting chapters 14 and onward. Please download it if you haven’t already finished the mod.

I’ve also got good news! I’ve released growth rates and support pairings. You can check them out in the SF thread. I’d put them in the OP here, but spoilers are fickle beasts in Discourse it seems.