The Road to Ruin

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She’s the only one, calm your tits.


lol those are the better designs in fea


there is like no good design in awakening


Ignoring that it’s from Awakening, the near shoulder armor feels like it’s lacking in shading, if we’re posting opinions here <.<


Noticed you were using a sprite of mine that I had updated recently, so I went ahead and did this if you wanted to use it.


That strapping lad is going in pronto. Many thanks!


Screens from chapters 14 and 15!

Imbued weapons. AKA: When your healer tanks the berserkers.


And I put it t’you m’lad, 'dem palettes be sexy.
Also, sorry to be a pain, but I’ve updated the blue guy again, check my sprite topic.


Got ourselves some screens from chapter 16 and an update to 15!


Those palettes hnnng


Loving the look of that water stage, gives off an ancient temple vibe


I’ll ask a poster in a public forum sprite animation map for use by others?


Are you asking if you can use the animation? Like I said earlier:

But, that won’t happen until I release the next version of TRTR.
The earliest that could happen is this summer, but it’s kind of a long shot.


Is purple hair lady a playable?
Would make me so happy if she was. It’d be one of the first times one of my better mugs made it’s way to a playable…


Sadly, no. She does get more characterization than some of the other bosses, though. I don’t know if that helps :V
She’s a lovely mug. I tip my hat to you, Sir.


thank you for answer me


hey Mr. primefusion step and go holiday to put the animation to download?


It won’t be released until the final release of TRTR is out (don’t have a time table for this yet).


ok thank you and i sorry