The Road to Ruin

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Those map palettes look amazing.


Thanks! It’s actually a Serra sprite edit.

Thanks, dawg!


Agreeing on the palette choices - it’s amazing how tweaking the little things just make things look so much better.

And, I am very much a fan of the interface palette using the (blue-)grays - I mean, I really am very fond of how it just meshes so well as a UI palette basis… It’s a great color scheme, and I don’t know why more people don’t (ab)use it.

That said, the voice inside my head just wants to pluck and tweak your templates so bad (I won’t), just to give them some more… pop. Or, were you shooting for a more simplistic/minimalist type of design aesthetic…?


It’s a combination of liking simplicity, not having the artistic ability to do better, and not wanting to go through the labor of inserting something more complex.


Have an update of screens that have been sitting on my Dropbox for a while now, lol.

Pictured are some scenes from chapters 11 and 12 (Currently starting work on Ch13). Generics are making a comeback. Since they’re kind of my shtick, I feel like riding that wagon for a while.
Generals are rocking bows now, in addition to axes and lances. Now, Buck shouldn’t have a complete monopoly on bows, just a major stake-hold.

And, yeah, same map palettes as before. Get at me.

Finally, this screen will remain an FEU exclusive, even if I update SF with the other stuff.
Homies, I give you Vance’s promotion:

That’s what you get for assuming he was going Hero. Oh, and he’s been added to the Master Seal list, so he can promote whenever. Major thanks go to flyingace24 for providing free to use frames found here. He’s one of the original homies, so show some respect.

And before anyone asks, I’ll be releasing this animation… eventually.



hooooly man that’s cool.


he looks kinda gay in that overcompensating kind of way


Quiet, you.


It’s the last dance for Ike Vance.


looking good


flyingace is the original homie. Glad to see him get a shout-out! Also I’m super stoked to play this, whenever the next release comes. Vance looks dope.


I’m genuinely curious how many of you have played through this. Because, like, no one talks about it lol.
Granted I don’t update too often.
The little feedback I have gotten has been mainly gameplay gripes.

And yeah, FA is the original homie. I remember reading a portrait insertion tutorial using Tile Layer Pro he wrote back in the day


I think I played to about chapter 10 or something and stopped because the phone with my save on it got pickpocketed -_-


no please don’t remind me of those day ~_~

and yeah I played the last public patch up to completion, I just never post because i’m not good at social media


I lp’d it :airplane:

i did my part


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Don’t you just feel old sometimes, when you think about stuff like that?
FireEmblemWorld, so long ago, then the very first FEU.

Good times, good times…


The news is that I’m slowly working on it.


We are back in business.

Currently putting some finishing touches on chapter 13 (pictured lower right).
I’ve actually got a finished rough draft of the core chapter dialogue all the way through the final chapter. So, development should be a little quicker now.

Man, I’m getting into the real meat of my plot now. I have to pick my screens wisely, or I might spoil stuff. #struggles.


cool i can wait