The Last Promise 2: Broken Promises

20 years ago, Siegfried and his band of rebels fought to bring peace to all of Solum. Now, Queen Kammi, of the newly assembled Atheyan kingdom, threatens that peace. The now-retired Shon must follow in his father’s footsteps and save Solum once again, with the help of old and new allies. Despite everything, Shon must carry on as the last words he exchanged with his father still echo in his mind, always doing his best to keep their last promise.

TLP2 trailer

That’s right, this is really happening!

Planned features:

• 30 main chapters (not including Gaiden chapters)
• Brand new classes and reworked promotions
• Class skills
• A completely new story, set 20 years after the events of The Last Promise
• 40+ playable characters, with supports
• Custom animations (most of which from other amazing users, works will be credited)
• Weather that doesn’t slow you down, just looks pretty!
• A serious story, but with a couple of joke units and references for some fun

Sorry, no download link yet, but please stay tuned, we’re all hard at work to bring this hack to life!

Dev Team Credits:

Director: Tazerface

Writers: Tazerface, Tobiki, Uniblast/YellowHello, Carlos, XC_Runner

Map Design: RegularHamboning, Borsthestylish, TatsuTheLation

Portraits: Tobiki, ColinWins, XC_Runner, Tazerface, Carlos, boyo44

Eventing/Hacking: boyo44, Borsthestylish

Animations: Tobiki

Community Credits:

Blazer and the entire TLP team, thank you for the original game, and we hope we can make everyone proud.

Team SALVAGED: SALVAGED Cavalier animations

The Blind Archer: Armor Knight Animations (Bows, Axes, Swords)

(more will be credited as they get used)



I’ll just ask because I feel like it’s obvious
Why are you making a sequel to a hack you did not make instead of… Making your own?

Also idk how Blazer would feel about this.


I’ve already talked to Blazer, he has no problem with this.

As far as why we’re making a sequel to TLP, we’re big fans of the game, and think that it gets treated kinda badly in the community. We hope that by making a sequel, people can go back and appreciate TLP as well


By making a sequel you restrict yourself to the lore of that universe (partially why TU became TLP, to remove itself from the Elibe universe). However, unlike using Elibe or any other existing franchise universe, you’re using one that isn’t really fleshed out, which forces you to make up a majority of the world. Which in the end, is no longer TLP’s world, but something else entirely.

Tl;dr you’re going to make up 60-70% of this world regardless, you might as well just make your own.


Is this an April Fools joke, but posted one day later than usual?

Son of a bitch, it’s just like Black Friday. We’re going to keep moving the end of prank day forward three hours every year until soon the entire first week of April is untrustworthy news week.


Nah, the hack isn’t a joke. But Kelly is


Kelly is the spawn of Kevin so the mug makes perfect sense


alright if kelik doesnt die like its implied in the ending im going to be disappointed


fucking HYPED lads


Guess I’ll have to actually play TLP now… I might as well screnshot-letsplay it. Maybe I can help you with constructive critisism.


Leaked info: Kelly is 1000 years old

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So, Kelly is burning my eyes as if some local thugs decided my face was a good target for an acid-filled styrofoam cup.

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Very nice. Can’t wait to play it!


No. TLP bad.


Corrobin, is that you?

Looking forward to it.


You’ve got a flashy teaser trailer. More effort than most concepts, at any rate. But can you finish this? All I see are a bunch of random names with no track record at all trying to make a sequel to one of the most divisive romhacks in the community.


I’m interested in helping, able to splice mugs and animations as well as map, let me know if you need moi


Looks nice, looking forward to it. Hopefully you can make more than half the maps fun, while keeping the little things that made TLP enjoyable.


oh my god what is happening


If you can pull it off, I say go for it