Whatever happened to The Last Promise 2?

This isn’t really a call of impatience for The Last Promise 2 to release, nor is it conductive to make a thread just to complain about it not releasing. Rather, it’s a matter of the fact that it just sort of disappeared despite a decent-sized team, good publicity, and what appeared to be good progress in the official trailer. Maps, portraits the works. There was a Serenes and a FEU thread, yet both have been locked due to project decay.

I just want to ask… what happened? How could something so promising just phase out? If anyone from the development team could answer, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

EDIT: Thread got locked. If anyone from the team knows the answer, feel free to DM me.


We couldn’t handle the wait
Haha I recycled the same joke I put on the thread give me likes

For real though, I gotta agree with you on this. It’s been complete radio silence, which means either it’s in the ninth circle of development hell or we’re on track to get another Requiem. Please give us a sign @Tazerface :c


I wonder the same. Given how it simply stopped existing, at this point I was beginning to think TLP2 had been an over-elaborate april fools joke D:


It was posted April 2nd, so maybe, maybe not?

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Ask Tazerface himself about it. I don’t know about the project but I did contribute and it still makes me mad seeing people still dismiss it as some elaborate, late April fool’s day joke


That’s just the thing. Tazerface has kind of disappeared from both SF and FEU, and many of the people listed as being directly involved in the project aren’t active in this community. The only proof he still breathes is his “last seen” information.

Besides, a good April Fool’s joke for something so elaborate would be if we got an equivalent to The Final Swear on April 1st next year. We didn’t, so I doubt it’s “just a joke”, which is why I am so interested.

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Sorry. Didn’t mean to be rude.


The Last Promise 2?
More like The Last Promise Who


It got the old-fashioned FEU treatment of getting cancelled


It was an April Fools day joke.

Jesus Christ.

no it wasnt




Okay, buddy.

(inb4 the fuck squad likes zoi’s comment)

Continue to disbelieve. It is the believers who will shape the future.
You will never reach completion. You will never reach hope. You will never reach joy, and never reach The Last Promise 2.
This is your pitfall, chair.
Not an April Fool’s.


i watched like 7 likes show up and they got reduced to 2 :sob:

As an addition, if there’s going to be an answer to be believed, I want it to be from someone who was directly on the team. Not to dismiss your statement, but if it really was an April Fool’s joke surely the heads of such a joke would be kind enough to let us know.