The Last Promise 2: Broken Promises


I’ll reserve judgement until there’s something playable.


inb4 it’s better than the original TLP


Hello. I’m interested in helping this project. I can do pretty much anything you’d need for a hack (any graphics, mapping, eventing).


What seems to have looked like a joke at first (y’know, because 1st of April and what have you) has turned into a serious project. Looking at the list of features, this thing sounds quite ambitious. All I have to say is good luck to you and your team, Tazer. There’s a lot of weight to handle.


Yo, I’m down to do a bit of portraits for the game. Pm or smth if you wanna see some of my works.


yo if coby is gonna do mugs lets just go all in with the style clash, put me in coach


The Proyect Is Dead?


Sorry, but not yet lol


I have conflicted feelings about this…

Well, good luck!


An edgy trans person?
I’m interested…


Are TLP minis going to be a thing again? Because if so, no


I think it’s just awesome and if you need help with sprites I can help I’ve made a lot that my own lately so yeah i still think it’s Gonna be great


Are you bringing this back? I hope so.


STR/Mag Split in FE8, is that fully working?


“this divine lightning shall pierce the skies” whenever i hear that, shit bricks


Dude, just because they are lazy doesn’t mean they didn’t look good


No TLP minis definitely are lazy and bad.


They are lazy and overused, but they still looked good the first time


No they looked lazy and bad the first time too


They’re bad, TLP wasn’t the first to use them. Not having a minimug is better than having a cutout one.