FE Asset Repository Discussion Thread

This link isn’t accessible. Also you should automatically generate the gif if you use the dump all export from builder (which I think is still mandatory for repo submissions? So I think you’ll haave to redo that anyways).


@Matthieu Please put all your portraits in a zip file, preferably sorted by the repo folders they go in. Downloading them one by one will take a very long time, to say nothing of renaming them.

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@Kanna Same to you. If you’re submitting a bunch of portraits, please zip them up. Downloading individual images takes a long time, plus their names get garbled when you upload them to the forum.

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Alright, I made one, I tried to follow the structure of the other files, I hope you won’t have to do any changes. Each portrait is within its files. I’ll also edit my post on the other thread to add the link of the zip file. Thank you very much for giving me instructions, have a nice day.


Thank you, you are amazing!

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When you post multiple portraits, you should ALWAYS include a zip file download with their names formatted at least vaguely to Repo standards.

Reminder that these are the Repo Standards. Please follow them.

Downloading portraits one by one, and renaming them, takes forever. I’ve posted this in the discussion thread 2x in a row but people don’t seem to be getting the memo.

This is in response to @Kanna and @Yasako and other people in general.

Maintaining the repo requires a lot of time, so the smoother it is for me to integrate and plop things in, the less work overall. I’m already a week behind again, because there’s SO much getting submitted, but I’ll be doing a mass download/import here soon.

Thanks for all the submissions! You’re all helping out the community!


Once again, big thanks to @JeyTheCount for his assistance. I have totally updated the last two weeks of Repo submissions into the Github folders. Oh man. That was… hours of work. Literal hours.

But it’s in there! ahaha… haha…

P.S. Late edit:

Make sure to check out FROG, my latest drive to improve the Repo!


well first my english is so bad so, sorry for that haha

i have a dude how can change the animation of the arrow? i want to transform that in bullets for example or blaster shoot. i want to create a rom hack with the stormtroopers and more advance weapon type.

and again sorry for my english

Hey, so I’m thinking about making a custom animation for my main character, but my actual drawing skills suck, the only thing I’m good at is tracing, editing an animation, and sprites.

Truth be told, when they were posted originally, they were listed as free to use/edit/whatever. If they decided later on to rescind that on a different platform entirely, I think it’s also up to them to say it here as well (given their history of releasing and then removing download links immediately but stating if you have it you can use it).

Tl Dr; from a staff perspective, I think it’s fine until they come here and say it isn’t.

Note this is not a staff decision or anything.


I’ll say the same thing I said on the Repo server.

Some years ago, Hextator/Xeld/Obviam/whatever other names he likes to use decided that one day, he was going to yoink away all the stuff he’d made and worked on in the community. I don’t remember all the details, but I know he wanted to remove FEditor, his entire hacking dropbox, and a bunch of other things.

Well, that did not go over well with the community. According to common sense, and the law, once you make something free to use, there’s no take-backsies. If you make something open-source, it cannot be un-open-sourced. People gave Xeld the middle finger and kept using FEditor and the other things anyway, and it’s worth mentioning a lot of the things he worked on had been contributed to code-wise by the community members so it’s not a perfect parallel to Nickt, but I digress.

Nickt has a history of releasing collections of free to use assets, then deleting them and saying ‘guys don’t use those anymore.’ I don’t play those games. If you make something free to use, it’s F2U forever, permanently.


That being said…

If he released those FE8 mugs privately and NOT F2U originally, and they were never F2U, I will remove them. But the burden of proof is on the people making the claims. I would bet my left nut that notice on his DA was added after the fact. If you can prove otherwise, I’ll remove it.

As for even mentioning this, why do it now? Those mugs have been in the repo for well over a year. I have no idea if anyone has used them or not, but like… could have brought it up a while back, don’tcha think?


If it is the law, then the discussion is over, once it’s F2U then it’s forever! (I think the repo kind of works like a historical place too, tons of work of several people that may even aren’t between us anymore)

I understand some people don’t want their work to be used without permission, just label it as such.

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Er… Unrelated to the whole discussion about revoking F2U permissions from things, I’d like to report a bug in the repo; namely, the Battle Animations directory (specifically at the URL “https://github.com/Klokinator/FE-Repo/tree/main/Battle%20Animations”) only loads the animation previews up to the SALVAGED Helmetless Knight Sword animation. I’m not sure exactly what the issue is there, and all the sub-directories do display all their animations properly, but it’s something you might want to look into.

The issue is that git.io broke.

Oh, whoops. Didn’t realize that was already addressed.

That definitely sounds annoying to deal with.

May I have permission to format them into 16x16? I will release them once I finish some of my animation, if I get permission of course. @Zane @Klokinator

Yes, of course.

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From how I see it, an artist is allowed to own their art. There is no legal binding contract here saying we have the rights to the art just because they posted it as F2U. If the issue is removing them entirely as that would erase history, a middle-ish ground would be creating a “historical archive” folder with the de-listed items and putting the burden of contacting the artist on whoever wants to use it.

Edit: Regarding Hextator, that’s not necessarily art, but a tool. Honestly it’s kind of an awkward area of ethical usage but any forks should have been free game.

honestly I think we’re happy to call this the actual staff decision


So, if someone just come here and post some unique animations and stuff and days later the same guy came here and say it’s not to use it anymore, than klok will have to delete everything and lost due to time?
I’m not sure with this is fair, even if this is the work of someone, their first decision was to be used and not to be forbidden. Unless the guy has some good reason, but just because he/she wants it’s not a good one. I just don’t want to see tons of contents disappearing of the repo to never ever going to be free again.

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