Terrible Romhack Ideas (and some not so bad ones too)

Item idea:

A stat booster item that all it does is change the unit’s gender
(This also changes their class to the other gender version of that class, and affects their caps. Also changes their portrait)


1-2 range bows. Nuff said


Fe6 except the hit rate calculation is flipped. So instead of rn <= hit rate, it is rn > hit rate. Hammer Wade is the safest hit rate. Armor knights become dodge tanks. Eclipse tomes become really scary. Leveling skill and luck lower hit rates, same with supports. I feel like it should be possible to win, maybe?

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Narcoleptic Emblem: every turn there is a small chance on a random member of your team to get hit with a sleep of varying duration. Sometimes it a light nap (1 turn) other times it could be akin to a coma (7+ turns). Thankfully you have one unit in your army with the skill “Insomnia” rendering him immune to sleep. but just remember, a lack of sleep tends to make one irritable.

Shuffle Emblem: every 2 turns everyone on the map gets warped to random locations on the map.

Merging Emblem: you can only buy Iron weapons, but you can “merge” two Iron weapons to get a steel, two steels to get a silver but to get a specialty weapon you have to have a related unit type merge the steel weapons.

Faux Emblem: sometimes weapons and Items you get from enemies or chests are counterfeit. Stuff like, “good thing I have an elixir, why’d I only heal 10 hp”.


2048 Emblem


Blacksmith Emblem
You cannot buy weapons, you must craft them. The crafting is similar to FE9/10 where you craft a basic weapon (iron sword, steel axe, etc) from scratch.
To craft a weapon, you need a basic metal. The metal used determine the weapon rank and base stats of the weapon (Iron make Iron Sword, Silver make Silver Sword, etc.). After that, you may add additional material to increase it’s stats or give it an effect. (Black Sand increases crit, Wootz Stone gives it Brave Effect, Skill Stone grant +3 Skill when equipped, etc.) The amount of additional material that can be slotted depends on the basic metal used.
During the endgame, instead of gaining regalia, you gain Divine Stone, which can be used as a basic metal to create S-Rank weapon. Yes, you make your own Regalia.


FE Autobattler. All the player’s units turns are done by the AI. Additionally, it’s a map based strategy game where the player has to conquer territory from enemies and maintain it. Most of the game is played from the world map and its associated menus. You can split your party into different squads and send them to different territories on attack and defense. Additionally, you must activate and protect mines to harvest metals to provide materials for your army’s weapons. The enemy is continually encroaching on your lands, and will even prep massive assaults from certain cities, but you can send spies to attempt to scout the enemy’s positioning to help prepare for attacks. Additionally, the main story quests and cutscene involve triangle strategy type conversation branches where you can have other nations join you or piss them off based on options you select during dialogue. It also has a very convoluted extremely long narrative where if you skip any cutscene you become completely lost.

It also has a 102 year old dragon girl who looks 12 so that people don’t wonder why this is Fire Emblem instead of just being its own game.

At the very end all of the strategic work you did doesn’t matter cause they give you an overpowered mage unit with a special tome which can almost single-handedly defeat the final boss.

I have an idea for something; though not sure if it’s been said here already or not:

Risk of Range: You cannot see enemy attack and move ranges. You can see their stats; which do list their movement ranges and such, but no looking at their attack and movement ranges.

Oh and no using the danger zone patch either.

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That’s how the NES games work

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A “fun” concept for Skill system enjoyers:
Characters that have Hone/Rally skills talk a line every time they trigger that ability.
For example: A paladin pal with Hone Movement could say at every round start: “SMTH KNIGHTS… MOVE OUT!!!”
A rallyman could say: “Crack them like an egg!” (Huge props if you get this OnlineCardGame voice line reference)

Then itnwould be just…
NES Emblem on GBA, then…?

Potentially annoying idea: Fire magic actually sets units it hits on fire (basically poison but visually different).

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and wind magic moves units in one grid, and also thunder magic stuns or instakills units

What would you do for light and dark?

Edit: dark would be a hit penalty on the unit (blinded) and light would be a avoid increase (theyre shining now so harder to hit). Youd want your light users to attack last in order not to wait units attacks

Radiant dawn hard mode has called, he wants your location… said something about “coming over to beat yo ass” or something like that.

On that note, idk if someone has already said this, but

Intuitive emblem: The unit screen is completely disabled. No seeing unit stats, inventory, support ranks, or weapon ranks. The level up screen is nullified, you just see the exp bar fill up and the little text which says “level up!” but no level up screen. Same for promotions.
Additionally, unless you are mid chapter and select “item” on a character’s turn, you cannot see unit inventories, this applies to in the base/chapter prep as well. You can see items in the supply, but once they’re given to a unit they are no longer visible. (what are you? some omnipotent being playing a game?)

Finally, people can enjoy fire emblem the way kaga intended.

EDIT: very important thing which I forgot: no scouting the map before battle. You can blindly set your party formation, but can’t actually see where the enemy placements are or even what the map looks like.
Similarly the battle prediction window no longer exists, unit overlays don’t show level or hp, instead you just have the little hp bar & numbers which appear when actually inside a battle cutscene to guide you.

A petty conflict between city-states over something like an allegedly-stolen bucket one city-state’s cathedral refuses to give up (hell, maybe an interpersonal-scale conflict during a game of chess), told in the same manner and spirit as a normal Fire Emblem game.


The war of the bucket

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