Stan's Event Assembler Package for Buildfiles

This contains:

  • ColorzCore, the current preferred Event Assembler core for use with buildfiles.
  • Stan’s “experimental” updated EA Standard Library.
  • The EA Formatting Suite and the accompanying Tool Helpers.txt. It includes:
    • Png2Dmp, for converting PNGs to GBA 4bpp images and palettes.
    • ParseFile, for processing FEditor-like text entries.
    • PortraitFormatter, for processing FEditor-formatted portrait files.
  • lyn, to convert ELF objects to event files.
  • A fast variant for compress, for generic LZSS compression.
  • ea-dep, for listing dependencies of a buildfile.

This does not contain:

  • Nintenlord’s original (“legacy”) Core. Its usage in buildfiles is to be discouraged.
  • circleseverywhere’s PFinder tool. Its usage in buildfiles is to be discouraged.
  • Any external event generation tools (c2ea, textprocess, tmx2ea, …).


  • Nintenlord, for the original Event Assembler
  • CrazyColorz5, for ColorzCore and the EA Formatting Suite

Let me know if you have any issue with this.

If you don’t know what a buildfile is, check out the Ultimate Tutorial for Buildfiles!