I don’t have time to make a real post right now but I realized I never actually released this.


What are a few things that this core does compared to the latest EA version’s core?

better performance, and some grammar things.

If you think current EA performs well enough then don’t worry about it

It’s been a couple of weeks, do you think you could write up a bit about what this is now? I assume it replaces the Core.exe file in EA but I’m not certain, and I don’t want to go breaking anything.

It is intended to replace Core for assembly only. It’s not yet ready for a formal release; there are a few bugfixes and features I need to add. I just needed a DL link serachable and up as it’s used as part of the VBA2 build process. (In a way, I’m using that as a trial run for ColorzCore).

It uses about 20-30x less ram than Core (that’s a lot) and runs about 20-50% faster (that’s a decent amount).

Also for some reason trying to build VBA2 with NL’s Core errors without telling me the error; I was going to provide some benchmarks but shrug

So we can try using it but it’s maybe a little buggy right now? My buildfile is still pretty small since Awful Emblem isn’t that far along its dev right now, so I can probably hold off until you’ve got it a little more stable and fully featured.

If you just want to try it, you can probably just substitute it over Core, though you’ll have to update the Language Raws and EAStdLib to the most recent versions, because I made a few things incompatible (sounds bad, but it was mostly NL being lazy with his spec, and I designed my core according to the notes I could find on his spec, lol)

Did some hacking on ColorzCore today. Resolved a few bugs, and added a few features. Namely,

were address, and I also merged a feature by @StanH:

The download link is the same as in OP.

Edit: I don’t have benchmarks, but I expect this version to be sliiiiightly slower since it has an extra AST traversal. Don’t worry if you don’t know what those words mean, it shouldn’t make a huge difference.


Hacked a bit on it today.

Some internal logic improvements:
Updated help message:
New AA mode by Laquier:

Edit: Also previously merged was a fix to alignment checks. So I’d recommend redownloading it if you are using it.