[EA] EA Formatting Suite

The goal is to get standalone, commandline executables that can format files we use with hacking, such as text files, or portraits, or maps. They would all just output .dmps that can be variably inserted in ROMs. In the end, this will allow for EA to become the sole application you need to build a hack.

Download All Tools:
Released With EA V10.0

Tools Developed So Far:
Text Parser
Portrait Formatter


I’m going to see if I can develop something for music hacking too, mostly in the way of importing sound samples en masse rather than the tedious method of doing all that with Sappy manually. I don’t imagine it should be too hard but I’ve got to actually get around to doing it.

Is there a way for you to be able to dump the results into a .dmp file rather than making any direct changes to the ROM?

Yes, absolutely. Sappy already outputs data as
.s and has its own language which looks to be easily transferrable (?).

I compiled versions for 32bit Windows, if anybody is having the “This is no valid Win32 app” error when using them in EA.

Replace those over the existing ones in Event Assembler/Tools.