SRPG Studio Translation


I think I’ve found a solution until something more robust comes to live: google translate for Android (sorry if link is in polish)

What it can do is translate through camera and pictures. I tested that on Galaxy S5, camera didnt translate much but it did translate most of the stuff from screenshot from the SRPG studio I just googled for

This one:

So how it would work would be taking pictures of stuff you need to translate and use it as reference - sure, somewhat troublesome but probably not that much for people used to ROM Hacking

I came up with this idea today morning and it works. Just that, it works. I am sure there may be better apps to do it - maybe some sort of Windows/Linux on the fly desktop translator or Android Emulator that can view your desktop - Like I said, I’m just sharing my idea that I’ll try to improve this weekend. Maybe you people will have some idea too, still, even if its just taking pictures of your screen and translating with your mobile phone, to me right now seems good enough.

EDIT: Okay, I’ve tested it further. Sadly most of the text in less than ideal location is not recognised properly. The apps I tried cant handle it good enough. At best it can translate the popup messages with “screen translator” for Windows (and tell me sample english project is not supported by trial) :frowning:


I would like to thank Cp49 for providing me Srpg Studio and Sir Aston for the translation of the english demo sample.

I have made a game with Srpg Studio.
More info on serenes forest here:

It will be released on Steam the 25/09/17 here:

I hope people will enjoy it.:slightly_smiling_face:


nice davidnguyen, i will look forward to it!


How long is the game?


To be honest, the game can be completed in one hour. There are 4 difficulties so it add some replay value as well. It has only 7 short maps and is the first part over three, I think 0.99$ each part is a fair price. People can try it at a low price and see if they like it or not…


Oh, it’s only a dollar? That’s not terrible.


I will create a topic for my game. It is better to stay on the topic of translating SRPG Studio here.


I now have a full version of SRPG Studio. If anyone wants to translate it, let me know and I’ll send you a copy.

Hell, even if you don’t want to translate but want to fool around with it, let me know.


It is possible to translate most of the ingame text by editing the constants-stringtable.js
Note that if you update Srpg Studio and just copy paste the constants-stringtable.js of SirAston english sample, it won’t work. You have to edit it with a javascript editor since there are new lines. If you want my constants-stringtable.js just send me a PM. Srpg Studio is also often updated. I am quite surprised they still didn’t translate it to english!


It’s easy to translate event text if the game is not encrypted.But I never found a game without encryption and I have no idea to decrypt it.I am also trying to translate a game then I stop there.(sorry my poor english)


Good news <3



Sounds promising. Hope it’s sooner rather than later. I’ve messed around with the trial version, and I get the sense I could understand the systems just fine if I could only read it.


I will directly start off with the conclusion .
The all data.dts files are encrypted with the same key,and it just XOR to encryt.

There are two files,one is package with resource and other is not.

Let’s look at two different projects.


The all data.dts files are encrypted with the same key,and it just XOR to encryt.
In other words, we can get the key by simply XORing two large enough files(one is non-encrypted and the other one is encrypted).
By the way,the media resources are also encrypted with that.

Finally, this is the result


A small announcement from my side:
It has been brought to my attention that Cp49’s link to the Japanese SRPG Studio has 404’d. Luckily, I have a habit of keeping ZIPs around. If you want the Japanese SRPG Studio, feel free to PM me.

A few words regarding my offer, though:

  1. Since it is now official that SRPG Studio will be translated by SapphireSoft, I will stop working on my fan translation. The English Demo will still be avaible, though.
  2. Once it will come to my attention that the official English version of SRPG Studio has been released in a way that most Westerners, if not all of them, can acquire it, I will stop distributing both the Japanese SRPG Studio and my English Demo (not just because of legal reasons, mind you, I want to support the official release and I think the FE fans here feel the same).
  3. These are just my personal feelings about the matter. If you want to do your own translations and/or research into the engine, that’s your thing. Just saying that you should get it while the links are hot *laughs *
  4. I only check my mailbox every few days or so, please be patient.


Actually, what 404’d was a decrepit version, my links still work.
Unfortunately I neglected my email for a month tough, sorry about that, I’m way more active on the regard of requests.
I will also admit, if anyone asks me for the Japanese SRPG Studio after the official English release…
I’ll still distribute it because I am evil incarnate.


Btw, srpg studio has been updated with great new ressources material for its third anniversary!
I will update my game with these! I also sincerely hope people will support the official release because
the software is awesome!


lol so it took nearly 3 years for dev to share its eng ver. well better then never i guess :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, the English version is out?


A quick search indicates no such thing. If there is an official English version out, I’d like to have more information on that.