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Hi guys, till now i was posting in the SRPG Studio topic, but i feel like making a topic for the translation, i will be posting here all the updates regarding the translation progress, patches and these sorts of things, i hope you all enjoy this project, i will do my best to acomplish this!

Note: as some of you know Cp49 have send me a link to the full version of SRPG Studio, he said that is ok to share with others, if someone want the full version (JAPANESE) give him a message or send one to me.


Until a more sophisticated (or even official) translation will be avaible, the very least we can rely on is the avaible Online Help of SRPG Studio, as translated by Google.

Click here for the Google-translated help page.

EDIT: In addition, there’s this link leading to some kind of tutorial on the homepage.

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A small but significant update: I’m almost done with my fan-translation of the sample game included in SRPG Studio (including the stringtable that can’t be directly accessed in the programm itself and requires a Java editor since regular text editor somehow screws with the format). This will NOT be a translation of the programm itself, I’d still need to leave that in Hezul’s hand (or someone else who’s capable of doing it). Still, copying said sample game as the foundation for a new project would be a desirable shortcut for most people who want to dabble in SRPG Studio.
The translated sample game should be compatible with the Trial. Expect the release of the translation within the next few days (I don’t know how busy I’ll be on Friday and Saturday, but Sunday definitely).

Consider it a v0.9-release though, I can’t exclude the possibility of weird stuff until I’ve playtested my translation throughly enough (as of now, I’ll only check for stuff accessible in the sample game, so no guarantee for “Fusion” and “Transform” being correct). You’re free to PM me about anything strange you noticed about the translation.

Next projects after that: Translating a blank game project for ease of copypasting (easy enough, but I wanted to prioritize the demo) and translating the SECOND sample game that iirc is not in the trial, but in the full version only. Even with using my translation as a foundation, this might be an entirely different beast due to the slightly non-linear(!) nature of the second sample.


I’m done so far with the translation of the sample game. Get it here and start fulfilling your dreams!
Last Update: 02/11/17

Also, once you’ve reached the end, start the game anew at any difficulty, you’ll be positively surprised and also learn more about how versatile the program is.

Remember, this translation is not complete and it will get better over time and with your help. If you find bad or confusing translations, overlapping text or untranslated passages, PM me and give me a screenshot or, even better, a step-by-step instruction on how I can translate it.

Known untranslated bits and issues:

  • During simplified combat (meaning no animations), there are bits of scrambled code (best seen with NPC Helen). I haven’t discovered where those bits of text are stored yet.
  • Compatibility with Trial Version has not been tested, but I’m certain that it should work.

So hyped for this, just discovered SRPG Studio while trying to figure out how to use what little I know of Javascript to create a FE Style game in RPG Maker.

If you were gonna do that, there’s always FEXP!

That translation is being done is wonderful news! Holding my fingers crossed.

What makes me curious though, how does one go about translating this software? I mean, if I say wanted to give a try making the translation of trial the easy way, using google translate and then maybe fixing it while using, how would one do it? I can’t find any resource file for strings in trial files so I assume it’s some kind of edit it in RAM?

The details about how to translate the software would be something Hezul has to answer, although he’s been inactive for a while, so don’t get your hopes up.
Translating a project itself, well, that was basically the combined power of using Google Translate, context, common sense and playtesting. Database was easy enough for the most part, but it took me a bit to realize that a good number of strings are saved as a script (luckily, the scripts aren’t protected or encrypted, so easy edits with a Java editor are possible).

To be honest, though, it’s not that hard to learn 85% of SRPG Studio with some help from the Google Translate’d online help. The finer details will result in headscratching, but, hey, I managed to create a Weapon Triangle within the Weapon Type-tab and a Rescue mechanic based on constition while auto-excluding mounted units, so most FE-typical stuff will be possible with ease.
Unless you want Reaver weapons

Thanks for the answer.

Sure I can imagine that it can be done with just the documentation although doing stuff by remembering where is what is sort of magical and would badly affect the workflow but if strings could be somehow edited, even with something as painful as hex edit in RAM, it could work.

That’s why I hope that whoever manages to find out how to access those strings, would be willing to share how to do that, even if he himself cannot dedicate the time to the translation, so that translation could actually happen.

Have sent you a pm Hanzel

I sent you a pm :slight_smile:

Hi there, recently tried your’e sample game but it didn’t work at all, for the trial version. Not sure about the full version



That sucks. Can you be more specific on how and in which ways it did not work? Helps troubleshooting.

Just an error message pops up when I try to use it, I’m also trying to find a way to convert the database into English somehow…well the actual engine itself. I’ve gotten google translate on my phone. To scan the to make notes in English.

Works just fine for me… Are you using a different OS than Win7 64bit? If not, have you opened the stringtable under Script > Constants and saved it within your text editor?

Because of differing text formats, I played it safe by translating and saving the stringtable via Java Editor. It works for me, but maybe that can result in problems.

Same as you w7 ultimate 64 bit and will look into the that file in a bit then. Just busy currently with RL stuff.

Didn’t work at all

I… didn’t gave a solution. I was asking if you opened the stringtable and saved it within your text editor. I even explained that doing so could result in problems XD

Hey guys, I have a couple friends who know japanese and they’re willing to help with translating this tool, but we have no idea of how to modify the software. Would someone here be able to change the japanese text to english if we provided the translation?

Also @Hezul, how much did you already translate? If you’re already close to completion then it’s not worth it to start over lol. Anyway we want to help with whatever we can.

I posted this in the thread about this software, but maybe its proper to post it here (mods please let me know if its best to delete the other post or just leave it there)

I have translated a lot myself, though for some reason, after modifying the string files which have things such as buy/sell in Jap once changed to english nothing happens at all. In the actual project itself upon testing as it shows up in jap instead of Buy/sell. If this is due to it being in the demo that makes sense. But other than that it sucks…