SRPG Studio Translation


Day one for me!


Beta looked great, going to buy this and give it a whirl.


Jesus Christ, it’s $60…

Like, I was interested, but damn.


I think the price is adequate for SRPG Studio! RPG Maker MV is $80 after all!
But the DLC for SRPG Studio are around $25, that’s ridiculous for 20(x3 for variations) backgrounds pictures!
If someone could share the DLC it would be great!


Well, when I already have FEXNA for free (or $1250 I guess) paying $60 for SRPG studio isn’t up my alley.

I’ll wait for a sale.


Well, I am aware now that the SRPG Studio is avaible in English.

Thus, I will no longer distribute the Japanese SRPG Studio and my translation of its demo, as I said so in February.

I’ll eventually get my hands on the Steam version, so maybe I’ll make myself noticeable on the Studio front in a different way.

EDIT: Turned out “eventually” can mean “within hours” for me~