SRPG Studio Translation


I managed to get some of the .dat files to do this in Notepad++, but I’m not very skilled past that. I brought them up and switched them to Hex. Perhaps this might help?


As per my reply down below I found the stringable files and changed them to english, but they still show up as Jap in the project/game itself. Is this due to it being a demo or just how it’s been programmed.


I’ve sent PMs to the users said to have the full version but they haven’t replied yet, once I have it I will send it to you


I apologize for any delays in sending over the complete game, school kind of eats up most of my time.
I whould just post it here if but I’m pretty certain it whould be against forum rules (I have no power over the payed software, ergo I cannot post a link to a full version of it on the forums).
Of course, translation files are different and threfore fine so don’t worry about that.


I wait to use SRPG in English


Does the full version let you translate nearly every to be translated into English ? That’s the thing holding me back from buying it. If it allows me to translate nearly everything into English. Like in the trial mode I’ve edited the string files, but in the actual game testing its still in JAP.

I’ve spent ages with an other engine but want to get this working badly and out to the public :slight_smile:


Have the full version but no matter what I do when I try to edit the strignable file…I always get an error message…
Error: constants\constants-stringtable.js
Line1" ‘i(small dash things then upside question mark’ is undefined (after I replace the code with the one from the actual program the error message keeps showing up. So have to replace the file.


That’s the error I get when I save the stringtable within Text Editor because of differing character set formats (we use ANSI or ASCII depending on location, whereas Japan uses another standard). You either need a text editor capable of saving in different character set formats or use a programm that allows you to edit the stringtable without changing the character set format, like Java Editor. I tried to explain that to you earlier, though.

The full version does allow you to translate everything that would appear within the game, but not the editor’s UI itself (meaning you have to rely on trial and error/memory or translated online documents when creating the game). That’s my experience with the software, at least.


Quick update, JABL will be able to start working on compiling a document with translated screenshots from now on. Depending on how efficient his circle of friends is, we might get first results (or at least a status report) in April.


Well I did kinda help Jabal with an English database and English stringleable files :stuck_out_tongue:


Same did I by releasing the translated first demo of the game. But I already know that my translation of the database and stringtable is not perfect (hence why I call it version 0.9).

JABL will certainly provide us with a better translated database/stringtable and also a document as described above. Heck, if they wanted to, they could even translate the second demo that the full version has to offer (which would be cool because it looks like the second demo promotes non-linear gameplay).


I tried to translate srpr studio .exe with hex editor but could not find japanese texts


I use resource hacker but no string or dialog appears


If anyone has the link to the full game, please hit up my messages!! I made an account just for this lmao


Same XD

Pass the salt (full game), please. By PMs, of course.


Hey guys. Is there any progress on the translation for the thing yet. At this point I kinda feel like just learning japanese to use this program, since I dont want to make a fan game, and I want to create all-original assets and stuff. Thanks!


I would love to offer my services to a translation effort but I dont know where to get the SRPG studio or how to navigate the Japanese website


Same here


Hi folks, its been a while since i last updated this, to be sincere the project has been died since long ago, i lose my connection to internet and other things that stood in the way of translating the engine, in my last attempts i have faced a problem with translating the strings, in the trial version the strings where in the .exe file and thus i just make a new space in the data to add the english words and redirect the pointers to those new words, but in the full version the strings are in others files that aren’t .exes, that means that i can’t change the pointers (not the way i know at least), now that i am back with internet connection i will see if i can find a solution to this, sorry for all this time without a update and thanks for all the P.M’s of people wanting to help, you are great guys! see you later


Anybody here who knows how to extract a data.dts file? I’m looking to translate this game here: I need the resources which that file contains before I can even consider starting up a translation for it. Hope someone can help me along with this.