[SRPG Studio] AGR by TheRepeat

Hello, FEU! Do you love Gaiden? …Oh, that’s a shame. Well I sure do! And this is a remake in SRPG Studio, with some new love thrown in too! I call it Another Gaiden Remake, but usually AGR. (AFE2R would’ve been a little bit too “please C&D me.”)


  • A ~90% faithful recreation of Gaiden’s Chapter 1 (the equivalent of ‘Act 1’ in Shadows of Valentia, for all you zoomers!)

  • SRPG Studio’s lovely quality of life features, such as enemy range display, and controls that are noticeably better than the NES’s!

  • Branching promotions!

  • HP costs!

  • Learning spells by level!

  • The world map of chapter 1!

  • Alm walking around like he’s a normal JRPG protag!

  • Bonus EXP with a coat of Group EXP paint!

  • Chiptunes! (Mostly from my SoV special edition CD—maybe I’m a zoomer too??)

  • Some placeholder tiles!

  • Some not-placeholder tiles!

  • The cool stuff about Gaiden!

  • No boats!

  • No swamps!

  • No Nuibaba’s Mansion! Honestly, what’s not to like?

  • A smattering of original content - some small, some big!

More specifics can be found in the in-game Readme page (under Extras), as well as a bit of background and other niceties. :slight_smile:



FEE3 2019 overview video!

(By the by, I’ve made a number of aesthetic and QoL improvements since submitting that video :slight_smile: )

Huge thanks to Goinza, Lady Rena, and tons of other talented scripters in both the English and Japanese SRPG Studio communities. I couldn’t have done this alone.

Game link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a8SPTEfLgQiIKFSN3q9IlT2mzFqgc-F7/view
(Run game.exe to play)



Gaiden is good and underrated and I’m glad people are remaking it.

Although I never had a big problem with Nuibaba’s mansion. The map that really needs to go is that desert fort with all the archers.


AM2R is happy to see this, people really love remaking the second game of a series, what’s next?
Another Zelda II Remake? but seriously, keep up the work, looks amazing

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“SURELY that already exists,” my brain says as google tells me of course it does

(thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:)

Video game sequels loved experimenting back then, I think it creates this kind of niche where (at least nowadays) we’d like to see the experimental styles tested out again…with all the advancements in game design since then of course.

Repeat, you’re fixing the desert maps, right?

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Currently no plans to remake the rest of Gaiden. Maybe someday, but if I did, it’d be more of a “drastic overhaul” kind of remake, which would need a lot more time and effort (and maybe a small team even). All the QoL in the world doesn’t redeem some of the later Celica maps!