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Correct me if wrong but that doesn’t look like the whole screen is covered?


Yeah, the whole screen isn’t covered since the frames don’t make use of the whole 64 pixels of height. It’s a very easy fix, though it will cause (probably slightly) reduced quality.


Yeah if the whole screen isn’t covered, it’s gonna look pretty bad IMO.


This is determined by FEA and I have no solution anyway. I also want to do this in the animation but cannot:


I’m getting some major visual glitching when using Crimson Eye. From what I can tell, it only shows up when you have Frame Skip set to 0 in VBA (60FPS), which is why the youtube video accompanying it makes it look perfect because it’s in 30FPS.


Glitching of this manner appear on every other frame when playing at 60FPS. I don’t exactly know how this would be fixed but I wanted to bring it to your attention in hopes that it can be fixed. I really want to use it because it’s really well ported but not when it’s this glitchy.


Strange. I’ve got it inserted in a clean rom, frameskip set to 0 like always, and when I frame through it, everything’s perfect. Have you tried it on a clean rom?


I just tried it on a clean rom and had the same issue. There’s always the possibility FEditor is being a shit but I’m going to try redownloading the file just in case.

Which FEditor are you using? The standard one or Temp’s Render overhaul one?


I’m on Temp’s overhaul. Are you using FE7, or another FE?


FE7. Let me try with Temp’s overhaul this time.


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So we learned that Temp’s FEditor actually handles spell insertion better than the regular version. There were no glitches when inserting the spell using it.


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All of the links are deaaaaaad.
Anyone have them rehosted anywhere?


I cannot access to dropbox now and don’t know what happended so I uploaded them here:

PW: mskmkt

Music hacking help topic

I like the wind and thunder.


So this is what happens when I chill with ghast on Sunday mornings. He needed spell animation help, and I ended up making one myself. So now EN’s got a new FE2 throwback.

Icon is slightly recolored from an open source one made by Lisandra_Brave.

Link added to the OP.


Fun fact, a year later I check and find out there is no spell association editor for FE8, only FE7.



Oh right, I made one a while ago but never shared it