So what do you think of FE: 3 Houses


FE just reflects popular anime/manga at the time hence why this one seems more SoL/School based. I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with an academy setting but it does make me confused where the bulk of the conflict will come from outside of typical bandits and the Church.


Its just a Fire Emblem version of this:


Oh god that game had tons of glaring plot holes.

Full of teen edginess, 0 substance.

I’ve only given 0/10 in story telling for 3 games
and that’s one of them.


Here we go, further down the pandering rabbit hole.


Its more of we just divebomb down the ribbit hole


That feeling when supports already existed in Kaga Emblem, just without the conversations. Shill harder, Robert.

If I could roll my eyes any harder, I’d be staring directly at my own brain. Lamest. Shit. Ever.

False equivalencies are a helluva drug.


All I’m looking forward to: new game mechanics that the hackers can steal because we’re kinda too daft to think of cool new ways to revolutionise the system.


Punching weapons mechanic :soon:?


I’m streets ahead.





where do you think the repurposed Thief Glove weapon icon came from, that shit was from a project from 8 years ago


Vilk was ahead of his time with this one then



Punching weapons mechanic :soon:?

SRPG Studio should be able to do that easily, since creating new weapon types in there is incredibly easy.


Didn’t the RWBY hack contain
fisting, kicks, reapers and school/ dinning items as weapons?


Fire Emblem has always pandered to whatever anime/manga trends were popular at the time, like with FE4. It just so happens SoL is the big thing right now so that’s what we’re going to get. I don’t think there’s any need to be cynical over a school setting however. Mechanically the game has a lot of potential that depends on map design and enemy vs player strength to be executed effectively.


I like what was shown so far. A breath of fresh air might help the series, although the most elitist/conservative people in the community might disagree.

We’ve seen interesting concepts develop into utter trash (like Fates – because, let’s be honest, when the first trailers came out everyone was quite excited for the game), and I’d rather have unhortodox clichéd concepts executed brilliantly.

…Will Three Houses be executed brilliantly? I don’t know, but the focus on worldbuilding and character customisation seems promising, so here’s hoping.

For now, I stay cautiously positive and keep my expectations low, but not underground.


And top of that Final Fantasy already did the ‘war school’ game idea and I do belive it’s one of the worst selling FF games, ask a group of 100 people and I’m 95% sure that none of them know what Final Fantasy Type-0 is


Just because an idea was executed poorly by someone else, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea per se.


To be fair, FF8 was also about a war school.


And the entirety of Trails of Cold Steel
But who cares when we can rush judgement a bit early?


I’m on your side with that. I too have some worries about the school stuff, but I think it can be done right. And even if they serve us some bullshit school drama, we might still have some solid gameplay. the “creat your unit” feature seems pretty great. that way we can tell them what to become and not be stuck in a stupid or just useless class :smiley:

btw does anyone think about the thief class? it seems so weird to me that you have 30 dudes on the field rushing 30 other dudes just to steal some items and rush back XD
I always imagined that your units command a hand full of soldiers, but having it visual makes it pretty weird XD