So what do you think of FE: 3 Houses


This reminds me a “fire emblem fates” and will surely be similar with other deliveries or dlc, because this is clear.

However, I have to thank you for having another delivery, I do not know if I’m unique, but I really prefer pixel versions like FE 6 7 U 8


why is persona invading all my favorite games
first smash
now fire emblem
what next, personamon?



I can understand the split. Some are afraid of how different this entry looks, some are excited by some of the new mechanics, and others are in between the two. I’d say I’m the second. The pessimism in the usual spots I hang around was pretty high. Afterwards, however, I can say I have hope for 3 Houses.

The art is… hit or miss for me (I’ve seen some point out same face syndrome), but not a total deal breaker, since my gripes about it aren’t that big.

It’s surely quite the change, yeah, but change isn’t always a bad thing. We’ll have to wait until the game releases to know if it’s a total wreck or not (although some don’t have to because of the new premise), but I see some good ideas here and there. What matters most in the end is the execution.

Speaking of, reminder to get your cards ready for the release


It looks interesting from going through it a good amount of times. From what I have seen we have a new weapon in gauntlets and the skills from echos are on the weapons which will take durability more with curve shot taking 3 durability to use.


Some things I noticed:
When Caspar attacks the church soldier, he attacks twice before the church soldier counterattacks. Either this means gauntlets have a built-in brave effect, or there is a skill similar to Double Lion in Three Houses.

The beast Edelgard attacks using a coordinated gambit uses a weapon called Crest Stone of Gautier.

  1. So this is how the crests are to blame!
  2. This would be the same Gautier as the student Sylvain Jose Gautier. Does this confirm conflict arising between the houses, since Sylvain is a Blue Lion?


Battle arts are displayed when being used, so I think it’s a property of fist weapons


I think it’s timecto make new bingo cards

Maybe I’ll make a new one


Schoolkid fetish is too niche. We need a broader range of fetishes to appeal to.


A better crossover with Persona than TMS#FE


well the female avatar seems to be channeling the sexy teacher angle…


As someone who likes Persona, Fire Emblem and Diamond is Unbreakable, 3 houses is looking very GURETO.


do you see the tri force next to the Hp


Yeah, I am now pessimistic about my enjoyment of the game. Fantastic. -_- This was planned ever since FE10, under everyone’s noses and in subtle manners. That the Fire Emblem series will become more of an anit-Megami Tensei (of which the Persona series is part of) rpg franchise, wearing the skin of a semi-realistic medieval fantasy strategy role playing game series.


I like the concept of a school like setting turning into a war. I’d like to see conflict between houses, with possibly fighting the other lords. The game said you could choose which lord to choose, so this could impact the ending of the game or just be like FE8 where the ending is basically the same. I don’t know why people are so pessimistic about the game now…Mostly, every FE game had something unique about it and I believe that this school setting is 3H’s gimmick. I am also hoping for a smaller cast of students, so we can really bond with them. I am really excited for this game!

Edit: Customization is something I have always loved and I feel this game will deliver. This essentially allows everyone to have their own types of stories with characters. One could have a flier Claude while another could have him be a barbarian. Really cool.


I don’t really see how the game could have 3 “versions.”. Think of them more like paths in FE8 style where you’d spend half of the game with one lord and the other lord would come in later.



From /u/Radiant_Robert on Reddit:

"I know I haven’t played the game yet, but I just can’t help but feel like this is a huge disappointment to players who enjoyed the games before this one. Everything just seems like such a departure from everything that made Fire Emblem the series it was. The bright colors, the cartoony animations, the over-the-top anime crit animations - it just doesn’t FEEL like Fire Emblem.

It really feels like they’re dumbing down this strategy game by adding these other elements to appeal to a broader demographic, like these conversations between characters in the middle of battle to “build suppport”. How does that even make sense?? Can’t wait for it to have a direct effect on gameplay.

Based on what I can derive from the lore, it doesn’t even seem like the main character is a prince, but instead is the son of a “Marquess” (whatever that means), hailing from some kind of good-guy league of city-states? What’s so wrong with just some simple war between kingdoms? Do our good guys really have to be so good that they don’t even have a monarchy? It’s like they’re stripping away all the good fantasy tropes that made me love the series in the first place.

And don’t even get me started on the characters, who just look like terrible expies of all the most popular FE1 characters. The exceptions to this are almost worse in comparison, from the little girl in heavy armor all the way up to and including the main lord, who just decided that he needed to be cool and different by having red hair. RED HAIR.

And his name. We’ve had Marth and Sigurd - names that call back to myth and legend, inspiring imagery of a world of magic, dragons, and epic conquest. Nah, forget all of that. Let’s just name the kid Roy. ROY. That’s the kind of name you’d expect from your dentist, NOT from a legendary hero.

I’m sorry, but this just doesn’t FEEL like the Fire Emblem I know and love. Kaga’s legacy has been defiled, the series is dead, and I will never be able to enjoy video games ever again.

EDIT: Fuck they’re putting him in the new Smash Bros. Can’t wait for this special little redhead boy who’s game hasn’t even come out to be an overpowered piece of shit."


The problem with the teen military schools/ academies
is that not only it’s not a novel idea
but there has never been a good story about them (either a game or manga or even a novel)

Most of the plot revolves around teen drama
with the overarching plot resulting in a poorly conceived 2ndary idea
filled with plot holes.

The only good thing about 3 houses is that KOEI’s involved
and these guys really know their stuff around both turn-based and real time strategy.
So gameplay is expected to be solid (and grindy AF).


One of the games of the year 2017 and one of the best games of an 32 years-old franchise that was the inventor of “Monster Capture” Jrpgs. And also, the main logic of FE16’s direction would possibly be to counter this game as well as SMTIV.