I made this bingo card for three houses

I showed a bingo card I made in the discord server so I thought of uploading it here

Whenever 3 houses drops I’ll do a blind lp of the entire game while crossing stuff out on the bingo card (so a special someone can lose a bet)

But check that out whenever the game comes out

I also editing a a couple of the requests so sorry if that bothers you

Here’s also an empty make bingo card if you want to make your own one of these
I’ll allow you posting pics of your own bingo cards
If you also give me your discord name and your son the discord server I’ll ping your card when the lp starts


I am ready to win or lose by the O-column


I contributed a couple things to this like: mc has sacred blood of some kind, dragon loli, fe8-like monsters, obligatory zombie class, maybe gaiden chapters(?), my castle, weak af villager unit with karel-tier growths (but adamminn changed it to what it is now)


Free Space should have been “Free Space: Blue Haired Lord”.


I editing a few of them
I’m sorry if that bothers you

“Yes/No decision” is a bit silly. Maybe something more like “Mercenary with crit-boosting weapon”?

I thought the yes no decision would make more sense
I opened up requests to have people put whatever they want on it and yes/no decisions was one of them
I liked that personally so I added it

But I’ll edit the post with the empty bingo card and you can put whatever you want on it

If you also want and if you aren’t on the discord server I’ll ping you with the card Incase you lost it before I start the lp

It’s just a bit too much of a gimme. Like, obviously there will be a yes/no choice. I assumed you were going for “fairly standard tropes that occasionally get subverted.”

I mainly went for the tropes that would obviously be put it

They may get subverted in one way but I’ve mainly made friends from what people requested and what I thought was actually going to be in 3 houses

Like I actually think there may be a a support marriage and child system, so I added that

late to the party as usual, but i’ll leave this here too.



Free Space should’ve been Anna tbh

we already know durability returned from the one trailer

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Mate, you are not getting a bingo
I’m sorry for coming out as pessimistic but you’re just not
I genuinely will be impressed if you actually do
You’ll probably get at least 3 or less squares filled
And I think we already know avatar is coming back

I’m not playing to win. I’m playing to make a point.


inb4 arch is secretly directing three houses and that’s why EN is taking a while


nah its fine, its your bingo card after all

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Thanks mate

Here is my bingo card. It’s a mix of hopes that will probably be shredded to pieces and some thoughts that crossed my mind when thinking about the trailer and typical FE discussions.

Updated my bingo card. Basically just replaced a few things