"Sick" status and other stuff about statuses in FE8

Ok wtf?
I was memory hacking some statuses with the help of @Crazycolorz5 , when I suddenly tried 0x59 and…
This happened:

Whoa. Could we use this to create a new status? Something like, “halve Skl and Spd when Sick/Cursed” a là Rescue stat drops?

Edit: Upon further inspection (please note that this is for FE8):

1 - Poison
2 - Sleep
3 - Silence
4 - Berserk
5 - Attack
6 - Defend
7 - Crit
8 - Dodge
9 - Sick
A - nothing
B - Petrify
C - blank status (seems a dummy Petrify, can’t move and the unit is greyed out)

D - Petrify (again?)
E - blank status (seems a dummy Petrify, can’t move and the unit is greyed out… again?)
F - Glitchy. Stalls game upon seeing the status screen. And fucks up everything, erm…

While under the dance ring effects, japanese text is displayed in the minimug:

We’re still investigating whether this is text or graphics, though.

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You very easily could make it give rescue penalties if you wanted or any other thing really

Yeah, @Crazycolorz5 aka Santa CClaus5 is already working on it! :wink:

Other status ideas would be:

  • Leg Bind (Mov becomes 0 for x turns) // then put an enemy Black Knight unit in the map and have a laugh
  • Arm Bind (can’t attack/counter for x turns, if not with magic. Basically a Silence for non-mage units) // because why not
  • Death (will die in x turns unless healed in time) - a bit lame, but cool for some sort of lategame/final boss?
  • Pain (anything will be effective against this unit for x turns) - makes things very intense, I like

Ask him if he wants my notes on fe8 rescue
The others don’t seem too bad either especially Pain

Yes I would like those notes please. I was thinking of just modifying the getters, but that wouldn’t have the fancy down-arrows rescue has. So yeah, those notes would be helpful please, thanks.

Leg bind sounds like it could be a bit of work.

Arm bind is a simple modification to the “can I equip this” routine, which I could add to venno’s array lock code.

Death can be done with a small modification to poison – “Do poison damage if death’s last turn or poison. In the case of the former, damage = currentHP”

Pain - Easy to implement.


Oh, and it’s not hard to implement some proper map graphics for those statuses, right?

Ahahahahah… that’s probably the hardest part :frowning:

8087244: lsr r1,r1,#0x1 cuts skill cap in half
808728E: same as above for speed
8019204: asr r0,r0,#0x1 applys skill penalty (combat)
8019244: above for speed
8087228: lsr r1,r1,#0x1 applys visual skill penalty
8087272: lsr r1,r1,#0x1 applys visual speed penalty
80883b8 mov r1,#0x10 change #0x10 to #0 to make arrows go away

and also in case you didnt know, the high order nibble determines the number of turns for the status to last for and the low order nibble is the status so 0xA1 is poison for ten turns

BwdYeti’s FE7x does this exact thing as the “Drunk” status.

Do Fallout style alcohol bonuses and penalties :smiley:

“Sake - Gives Drunk status for 4 turns. halves spd/skl, but gives +4def, +3res.”


Made the skill drop from from sick status. Haven’t done the arrows yet.


If you’re sick AND rescuing, the drop is devastating.

Edit: I got the arrows working. (Note in the screenshot, the spd still hasn’t been dropped)



You’re boss, @Crazycolorz5 ! :slight_smile:

So, it’s basically completed? What now? We need the graphics, right…?

I still need to do the speed part, but that’s basically copy-paste with 1 thing changed.
Uhm, the mini-map text doesnt’ display properly, I think… maybe check out the text slots used for sleep, berserk, etc, and stone.

And yeah, graphics are going to be the toughest part. I may be able to fool the game into using the poison animation though.

So, first relatively custom status condition, huh.

(in FE8 first, of all things hahaha)

Really really cool :B

I guess my notes came in handy :smiley:

Well, they certainly saved me a lot of time because I didn’t have to hunt down where to change. Thanks!

No problem :smiley:

I’d imagine all you had to do is find where the game checks if the 0x10 bit of the turn status is on and add the additional if status effect =9
Not too hard. How were you thinking of inflicting the status? Weapon? Staff?

Any chances on getting these implemented with a patch? XD
I see you managed to make Sick work last year, @Crazycolorz5, but never released it…

Arm Bind and Pain would be nice too (and easy to implement, as you said); Leg Bind may be complicated and not really necessary.
Death is dropped because stupid in an FE game.

Fa’s route revolves around status conditions so it’ll be important to implement those so that I can betatest the difficulty and gameplay properly.


Okay let me make a todo list of stuff to completion:
[] Figure out where the text ID for “Sick” is located.
[] Figure out where the minimug graphic for the statuses are loaded
[] Write the speed lowering part
[] Make a patch