"Sick" status and other stuff about statuses in FE8

I can do Leg Bind for player units only – the AI has too many movement checks for me to change.

Arm Bind should be fairly easy.

I can do Pain easily as well.

Though we’d have to figure out how text/graphics are loaded for each, which I think will be the hard part.

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That’s perfect.
Leg Bind is ok as an ally-only status.
Let me know how that goes! -or if I can help in any way-

Recommending leg bind be renamed to freeze a la FE14


This should be possible. I am able to freeze all the enemies and NPCs in FE7

FE7 routine 08019BA0: write AI-controlled unit movement range to 03000448 area
Parameter: r0 = pointer to unit struct

  1. call routine 080187D4 to get movement cost pointer
  2. call routine 08019CE0 to write movement costs to 030043F0 area
  3. write 03000448 to 030041E0 (used by routine 08019D00)
  4. gather parameters for routine 08019D00
    4A. r0 = unit x position
    4B. r1 = unit y position
    4C. r2 = move (class base move + unit move bonus)
    4D. r3 = deployment number
  5. call routine 08019D00 which handles all the complicated movement mapping stuff

At 08019BC8 change D2 18 to 00 22 (mov r2, #0x0)
Now none of the AI-controlled units should be able to move

FE8’s AI movement routine at 0801A38C

At 0801A3B4 change D2 18 to 00 22 (mov r2, #0x0)
Now all FE8 enemies and NPCs are frozen

I’d suggest adding a status that depletes weapon uses twice as fast, but durability is sooooooo 2010.



Huh. Obviously freezing all enemy units isn’t desirable but you could make movement costs infinite for units with freeze and that would sidestep a whole lot of movement checks. You’d only have to touch display, which I’ve already done.

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Oh, that was just a demonstration of how changing that parameter would prevent AI movement. You are supposed to cram in a status condition check before setting movement to zero.

But that doesn’t matter, because your movement cost thing is a much better idea. It affects both player and AI, and will show move range as zero when you press A on the enemy/NPC map sprite.

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