Runa Does an ASM

Nice to hear. I like this innovative wizardry. Maybe I’ll try to learn something to provide one day.

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Wow Runa this is actually pretty cool! Loving the ASM.


The Personal Info page will now no longer display if a unit has their first like set to 0x0000.
Download link has been updated to include these files, and can be found in the top post.
Please make sure to credit @Snakey1 for this addition as well! This code is based off his Support Rework, which can be found here:


Aw no need to credit. Not a huge contribution from my end at all lol. Nice going getting the system working!


What does that snow thing come from? Am I reading too much into a placeholder line of text about this random MageDiabolist boss? (I probably am.) But I’m interested in knowing more about this guy. First of all, where does he get those nice Renault-recolor robes?

He got them from Laurent LaCroix Boutique, of course!


This is a nice addition Runa. I’m wondering why nobody made a similar thing before.

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Hello, is there any conflict with any patch on febuilder yet? What about skill system and ex modular save?
Do you know if you can make it compatable with febuilder? If you can please are you willing to do it?
Otherthan those questions this is a good work and I am looking forward to use it, good job!

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It’s a difficult part because MSS is involved.
Because MSS is a single program, it is difficult to rewrite only a part.
Since it is rewritten by SkillSystems, it cannot be overwritten twice.

If this hack is integrated into SkillSystems, it will be easy to use.


I’ll see what I can do about putting this into Skill System as a (most likely) optional feature.


Now this is definitely awesome, being able to give characters more details than just your simple support convo on what they like and dont like.

Age and height is also a good addition!

I appreciate stuff like this. Great job.

@7743 Personal Data Table has been implemented into skill-system-master. Ball is in your court now :smiley:


Thank you for information.
I Will consider later.


[FE8] Split Char Desc by EID

(ignore the terrible post time-skip mug, it’s only a test :O)

Changes the character description getter to grab a separate textID based on whether an EID is set. The textIDs are kept in a CSV separate from the character table. This is only conditional for one EID, as this was intended to be used for a time-skip only. If anybody wishes to make this more viable/modular, go right ahead!

Download can be found here!


Fixed a problem with Personal Info Page! The conditional to determine the amount of pages was incrementing by the wrong number (because my original file had additional entries), but it has been fixed now!


Fantastic work here. I’ll be watching the progress of personal data table patch closely. (Febuilder gang)


Unfortunately I am a fool, and I noticed an additional mistake in the conditional. :clown_face:

If the textID used for the first like ends in 0x00 (e.g. 0xA00), the fourth page will not load. This has been fixed now, and a pull request containing this fix and the previous fix have been suggested on the skill-system-master repository.
If you’re using FEBuilder’s new skill system for the personal data table, stay safe and don’t use a text ID ending in 00 for the first like. Otherwise, simply replace the mss_threepageconditional files with the new ones. :OOO

okay at this point i’m making a fool out of myself, and i feel really bad for febuilder users, but…
there was another bug relating to r-text not updating

it’s been updated in the drive, but if you’re using febuilder, i don’t really know how to help you ;-;
it’s a single opcode, if you have the patience to repoint the conditional in a hex editor good for you

but i think at this point, i’m just gonna consider this a lesson and keep stuff to myself for a fair bit before releasing it to make sure i iron all the bugs out :sweat_smile:

You could technicly request the bugfixes to be featured in the builder. If it happens is another story, but it is worth a shot imo.