Lenh's Stuff



It’s been a while, and I’d just like to share some things that have otherwise been sitting on my computer or a discord server.

Three Houses:

Great Value (personal project):

Shrouded Throne:
A project between p33rless, Ganzap, and others, that unfortunately hasn’t seen much action since FEE3. Still pretty happy with the results of the collaboration.

Legends of Aveneir:
I’ve only managed one direct contribution to them so far due to time constraints, but it was a good experience.


Wildling (Brigand repaint):

Download .zip
An overpaint of the brigand into a lizard-man, pretty rough as it’s my first foray into the whole animation process. Free-to-use.

That’s it for now / Thanks for looking!


Heya Lehn! Good to see you


lenh sprites PogChamp


Hey Lenh!
Good job as always :ok_hand: I especially like the armored lady from “Great Value”.

I wouldn’t call that rough though. In fact, that’s a really good start!

reminds me of the Overlord anime xD


I had no idea you were Lenh tho



A real head scratcher


Lovely work as always, Lenh!


Ever wanted to use an FE6 mug but put off by the fact they don’t have blinks?

Well now you can blink and wink all you want with the FE6 blink pack!

ZIP download

  • Mouth frames are the same as vanilla but updated to the format found in FE7/8.
  • No credit necessary / use and redistribute as you like
  • Variant quality, but if anything is particularly bad then feel free to call me on it for improvement

Smokes Splices



Absolute beauty.


And you even arranged the smile frames properly. Well done.


You just made my job easier, I cannot express enough words to thank you, have a happy loaf (that isnt found on google images)



@feels you go make more animations?


What type? I’m not planning on more anytime soon. Here’s an old potato in the meantime:

I could animate it further but I don’t have a current need for a potato army.


henlo lenh go make tier 3 potato master knight animayshun thanks you please hurry