Relic's C Stuff

I’ve made a few C hacks that I wanted to compile together and release here. Not all of it is extensively tested and I’ve not tested for compatibility with other hacks, so these are all confirmed Non-Skillsys compatible. Everything here should also be easily usable by febuilder users.

ResAsMag/Fixed Damage - Credit to Dragz

This hack just lets you do 2 things, simple as. Lets you decide if you want res to be used instead of the power stat for damage/healing/staff range, and lets you declare a list of weapons that deal fixed damage (though you need to set them to negate defenses as well). This also lets you have staff healing = staff might and staff exp = staff weight. Credit to Dragz for helping me w/their implementation of fixed damage weapons.
Check the installer for details and customisation (should be fine to insert for febuilder users)

Level Ups Restore HP

When you level up, HP is restored equal to how much HP you gained on level up (if your max HP goes from 26->27, your current HP will also increase by one). Stops people from grinding staff exp on level ups, if you want that sort of thing.

Fili Shield Blocks All Effective Damage

Just makes “Negate Flying Effectiveness” property negate all effective damage.

Boss Damage Mitigation

Makes the maximum damage allowed to be dealt to bosses HP/HitsToKill. This would be best on bosses that don’t have regeneration, that way you can guarantee how many hits it takes to kill them.

Miracle Charm

This allows you to set a single item that when held by a unit, will protect them from fatal hits until the item breaks, losing durability each time. Just set the durability equal to the fatal attacks you want to be negated.

Emblem Seal

Lets you define one item ID as having the Emblem Seal effect, which gives +10 hit/avo while held in inventory.

Zero Range

Lets you define a list of weapons that are counted as 0 range, which are identical to 1 range weapons with the caveat of not being able to counter 1 range weapons.

Negative Supports

Lets you define a list of supports that provide negative bonuses instead of positive. The bonuses are calculated the same, based on affinity, they are just reversed.

Gaiden Promo

Makes promotion raise a unit’s stats to the bases of their promoted class if they are lower, otherwise does nothing.

Custom Price By Item

Lets you set arbitrary buy and sell values for every item, defaulting to the priceperuse * uses if there is no value given.

Please let me know if any of this doesn’t work out or you run into issues, I can try to help to the best of my abilities.


Just uploaded Boss Damage Mitigation, as I had most of it done but was having trouble with the last bit. All it does is cap the damage able to be dealt to bosses so that you can guarantee they take at least some amount of hits to kill. So, even if a unit crits, they won’t be able to deal more than max boss HP / HitsToKill. For example, if the boss has 20HP and the HitsToKill number you choose is 2, the boss cannot take more than 10 damage from a single hit.
Note that this does not disallow ORKOs, as if the HitsToKill is 2 and the unit fighting the boss can double and does >=10 damage per hit, the boss will still die in one round.

Also working on an implementation of this for certain unit IDs instead of just bosses which might come later.

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This looks really helpful. Thanks for sharing! I definitely want to look into this eventually.

It is suggested to make your folder here to share code stuff.

Just added Miracle Charm to the dropbox. This isn’t compatible with boss damage mitigation but if you follow Vesly’s guide, you should be able to combine them yourself. Once again for non-skillsys, if you have skillsys you could probably just use the miracle skill for this. Huge thanks to Contro for helping me figure out a few things with this one.


All this hack does is grant an item the ability to protect the unit holding it from as many fatal hits as the item has uses. You can choose what item it is in the installer.


What a coincidence that I came up for the idea for this item for my own hack.

It’s not even just an item with miracle like in FE4. It loses durability when you get hit.

I’m using a combination of SkillSys and Pikmin’s Equip ASM

Just added Emblem Seal to the dropbox, which just lets you define any item as having the effect of FE7 Emblem seal, which gives +10 hit/avo while held in inventory. Just a disclaimer here that it will revert any changes to hit/avo formulas to be vanilla again, so just watch out for that if you’ve changed them. Feel free to change these in the .c file and recompile, again using Vesly’s guide you can do this.


Added Zero Range to the dropbox. This lets you define a certain list of weapons that count as 0 range, which means they are essentially the same as 1 range weapons, but cannot counter vs true 1 range weapons, similar to Berwick Saga. You also have to pick a text ID to display this properly, with the thing that needs to go in the text ID being " 0".
Not been super extensively tested, so let me know if you run into any issues.

I also noticed an issue with the Level Ups Restore HP code as well, which has been fixed.


Just added Negative Supports to the dropbox. This just allows you to define any supports as having negative bonuses instead of positive (i.e. neimi and colm get -1 attack at C rank instead of +1 attack). Worth noting that you have to define it for both units for it to work properly. This works for as many supports as you need, not limited to 1. Should also work on enemy side, but I haven’t tested this. Huge thanks to Contro for helping me figure out an issue with this one that was driving me crazy.

This one should also probably work with skillsystems, I’m told. Not entirely sure but should be fine hopefully.

As always let me know if you run into any issues.


Just uploaded Gaiden Promo to the dropbox. Doesn’t work with skillsys for sure due to str/mag split.

All this does is make it so that when you promote, your stats are raised to the promoted class base rather than using promotion bonuses. If a stat is above the promoted class base, it is kept the same.


Uploaded Custom Price by Item to the dropbox. This just lets you set arbitrary and independent buy/sell costs per item, but it will default to the values in the rom already if you don’t want a certain item to have a custom price.

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