People want a gacha: I'm making a gacha


Name: Ash
Description: Makes sure to eat (sometimes), I swear.
Class: Druid (Mainly Staff, but has Anima and Dark maybe?)
Stats: High Luck, Low HP/Def, Rest are w/e
Skills: idk, Dark Magic (gives random status effects?) and Summon?



(Mug by DerTheVaporeon)
Name: Bloopy
Description: Can’t find gloves that fit.


Name: Soh
Description: Is Soh :confused:
Class: Wyvern Rider
Stats: High def and attack. Mild speed and hp. Average to low everything else.



Name: Chees
Description: Kvack!


“A paladin unmistakably jolly. And also classier than thou.”
Class: Super Always Happy Paladin Man

On behalf of Xigdar, who for whatever reason doesn’t have a forum account and can’t just create one because that’d be too easy.


I’ve got a few more.

Portrait Credit: Blade
Name: Lukas
Class: Soldier
Description: An expert on cheesecake and sexy voices

Portrait Credit: DerTheVaporeon
Name: Kamui
Class: Mercenary
Description: Still better than Fates

Portrait Credit: EldritchAbomination (Erk Mug in FE8 Colors), me (the repalette)
Name: MrGreen
Class: Mage
Description: Yet another self-insert. Likes FE and Smash Bros.


Telithe: Stand-in queen
“My name is Telithe, the one true queen of Narero. I’ll be the last thing you’ll see if you ever mention Narero’s last king.”
Description: The queen of Narero. She loves to crush enemy nations.
Class:Valkyrie with a focus on light magic


Mug by L95
name: Void
desc: knoll much



(since frames etc. aren’t needed…)

Name: Daff

Class: Preferably Summoner (but in case the implemention should be a problem, Druid works too)

Description (edited): A socially awkward girl,
probably leads Lyon’s fan cult.

Stats: Speedy glass cannon; rather low HP/Def/Res, high Luck/Spd/Mag

Skills: Demoiselle, Anathema


Mug: Original from FE6, blinking frames by Shin19, repalette + mini by me
Name: SaXor
Class: Wyvern Knight
Description: Eternally tired music dude. Too lazy to make a mug or a hack.


Name: Florina Alter
Class: Wyvern Knight
Descrption: Florina Santa Alter
A form taken by Florina Alter, who resolved herself to wiping out her own image and attempted to carry out activities as the ally of children・Santa Claus.


Name: Boi: (Credit to FEier for the Mug)
Class: Mage Knight
Description: An outgoing mage, to the point where it’s annoying. Mains Pkmn Trainer (Yes this will be on the test.)
Stats: Bulky for a Mage, low Skill luck and Res good Def Spd and Hp mediocre Magic.
Skills: Focus, Wind Disciple


Name: Nathan
Class: Soldier (or Ephraim if available)
Description: Doesn’t know why he is here. Maybe for some cookies.


Everyone’s doing alts so I might as well hop in!

Mug credit to @feels
Serif: The Accursed One
Class: Shaman/Druid (F)
Kssh! I have returned from the grave to spook the living!
Description: “A… thing from the depths of cancelled projects. The hero we didn’t deserve.”
Stats: Good strength and resistance with middling speed, HP, skill, and defense. Poor luck.

Mug credit to @DerTheVaporeon
Saturation: The Unlovable Idiot
Class: Soldier/Halberdier (F)
Hiya, need me for anything? Say, is Lord Tirado here?
“A demon from some skeleton’s lair in some named continent. Unusually obsessed with Tirado, for some reason.”
Stats: Fast with poor strength and decent stats everywhere else.

Can we edit our past submissions, by the way? I uploaded the wrong mug for Natsumi.

EDIT 2: credits


Name: Robin - Apprentice Tactician
Description: A tactician in training who wants to protect those dear to him.
Class: (Fire/Thunder) Mage. (A Tactician would be cool.)
Stats: High Magic and Res. Good Spd, HP and Luck. Okay Skill (and Strenght) Bad Defense.
Skills: Ignis


Name: Funky Kong
“One Funky Monkey”


wait shit can i add another
credit to monkeybard for the mug
Name: Veronica
Description: how the fuck did this get in the hackbox
Stats: high HP/Mag/Def, middling Skl/Res, low Spd/Lck
Class: Shaman


Female Ephraim Lord (I think I saw an animation in the repo)
“Also known as Dia, the Sweet Witch, and an UwU connoiseur.”


Name: Mega
Credit to Black Rose for the portrait
Class: Pegasus Knight
Stats: High strength, luck, and speed. Middling hp and res. Low defense and skill.
Description: “A mega evolved pegasus knight that likes the color blue, playful and flirtatious.”
If skills are a thing then: Pragmatic, and Canto (obviously)


Since everyone is doing second characters, I’ll jump on.
Name: Ferren
Desc: An archer who serves Sólvherre and loves him. Very short.
Class: Archer
Stats: Very good Strength, Speed, Skill. Middling Luck and HP. Very bad Def and Res.