People want a gacha: I'm making a gacha


Name: Babby
Description: Adorableness beyond comprehension.
Class: Manakete (Male)


Mug by Me with help from Melliel, CardCafe, and Blade
Name: MVP
Class: Summoner
Description: Name probably doesn’t mean what you think.


someone told me i should put myself here so here i am

GBA-formatted by CardCaph, chibi by Ash3wl

Basically the worst thing since unsliced bread.
High speed, decent strength and luck, bad everything else
If you’re using skill system then I’ll take Canto+Galeforce and even worse stats I guess

rolls away


Name: Lenh
Description: Just an ordinary iguana.


Mug by NICKT
Name : Lisa (according to NICKT)
Class : Brigand/ Berserker
Description : Can kill a man 15 different ways with her bare hands


Credit: Pandan
Name: Pandan
Description: An avid reader and
tea drinker. Wants to relax.

Although I presume if you’re not taking classes, will classes be randomized as part of the gacha experience?


Name: Jack Wick
Description: No, he is not John Wick. He is not
related to him.
Class: Mage


Name : Melia
Class : mage
Description : Literally Melia from Xenoblade Chronicles.


name: kaabi
description: sourufakkaa
class: pantsripper
stats: kurenainohonenoken


credit to hypergammaspaces for the mug, put it in a blitz so it’s f2u
Name: The Reinhardt
The Dire Thunder-toting, arena run-slaying Chad you love to hate.
Class: Mage Knight
Skills (if you’re giving them): Heroes Death Blow and Reposition
Prf Dire Thunder of course
Adapt his stats from his Heroes/Thracia appearances


Name: Shep
Description: The Errant Shepherd. Eternal wanderer, seeking new friends, fun challenges and place to rest.



Darrman - Mad Namewanker
A stubborn mule who refuses to get
with the times. Translates obscure
menus into English sometimes.


A cunning swordsman that likes YTPs.
Also hacks FE7.
Class: Swordmaster
Mug credit goes to Xenith


Name: Alusq
Description: I gazed into the void
and the void said " :3͏͏ "
Class: General


Lemon Tart: Easygoing Sellsword
“An absent-minded vagrant on a mission to entertain the world with his shenanigans.”
Class: Hero
Skills: Miracle, Locktouch
PRF: Mystletart (Sword)


“The creator of FEU. He occasionally pops into #general.”
Class: Sage (Anima/Light/Dark/Staves)
Skills: Aether, Shadowgift
PRF: Raikiri (Tome)


Can I has two Arch variants?

“Welcome back, maggots. Legendary boot camp instructor.”
Class: General (Sword/Lance/Axe/Bow)
Skills: Aether, Pavise
PRF: Raikiri (Sword)


So… it’s a forum hack?


Name: Mckagina
Description: Sterotypical Sword Lord


Name: Annayer
“Did you hear that Staff of Ages is coming to FEXNA soon?”
Class: something with axes idk