People want a gacha: I'm making a gacha


Name: Smokey
Class: Nomad Trooper/Ranger
Description: Some guy on a quest. Smells dank?
Skill if you add them: Black Magic



character limits be damned

Name: Danny Devito
Class: Berserker
Description: Daniel Michael DeVito Jr.
(born November 17, 1944) is


He doesn’t look a day over 12!


Doug: Humble Salesman

Class: Fighter/Hero
Description: A polite yet quirky vulnerary merchant.
He practices with his axe in his spare time.

EDIT: Mug is a splice made by me.


Name: Dense
Class: Archer
Description: A lazy, easy-going person who likes tea a lot.


Name:Dell Honne
Class:Comander=Greil animation
Description: Young boy try made best for all


If this is a gacha, we need some bad units
Credit to Shin19 for blinking and smiling frames
Name: Bartre
Description: agh not another bartre i wanted an arch
Class: Warrior
Stats: something bad
Also credit to Shin19 for frames and stuff
Description: stop hounding my summons you little sh-
Class: Shaman
Stats: bad everything except randomly decent def and high HP, basically FEH Raigh


great idea
this was in one of the mugging blitzes, I think it was blueey’s mug?
Name: Wrys
Description: this is why you don’t pull colorless
Class: Priest
Stats: High HP/Res, nothing else good, basically FEH Wrys


Cutest admin.
Flying Blue tome / Pegasus Knight (if vanilla FE7 classes)




Name: BorsDeep - Masculine Chin
Description: A suave armor knight with a chin not of this world.
Class: Lance Armor
Stats: High Spd/Hp, bad res


Name: Magpie
Class: Assassin
Desc: A shadowy hunter with an
eye for treasure. Even meeting him
is considered an omen for death.


(Portrait done by me, edited by Monkeybard)
Ramona: Caustic Merc
“Alright, let’s go ahead and cut the crap. Are you paying me or not?”
Description: A sharp tongued mercenary
with no interest in making friends.
Stats: High skill and speed, good strength and defense, average HP, extremely low res and luck
Skills: Rally Skill, Swordbreaker


“Never finishes anything. Always tired.”
“Our boy.”
“Hopes you’re prepared for an unforgettable luncheon.”
“He made it, despite your directions.”


Name: Cobalt
Description: Just wants to be included for once

I know it’s pointless, but he is meant to be a thief or assassin character. Just in case


why do all the characters have “high speed, low def” builds? what is wrong with you people?


We call those people glass cannons, myself like more of high str and skill, avg everything else with low res kinda guy


Name: Cale, Lord of Lordlington
Description: An apprentice with big dreams and nowhere near the skill to pull them off.
“Wait, you need me? Well then count me in!”

Class: Mage/Sage or Monk/Bishop. Built to be a tanky magic user with higher HP, Def, and Res. Alternatively a dodge tank with higher damage output.
Prf weapon (if any) is the Divine Lightning (light magic) tome, usable due to FEU major holy blood.

(credit to Mr_Karkino for the mug)


Name: Mario, Generic self-insert
Description: A normal lad with a weird attitude but good will.
“So you need my help? Ok, if you want so”

Credit: idk, but it’s from ft.mangs emblem. I just did some minor changes.

Class: Mercenary or Hero. Great Spd and Def, and decent Atk, Skl and Luck.


Let’s rectify that.

Mug by Diamond Appendix
Name: Sedgar
Description: King of walls and growths > bases
Class: General
Needs to have obscene defense but minimal speed.


Gave me an excuse to remake my self insert mug so wheee
Name: Blaze
Desc: you rolled a 0 star, congrats
Class: Mage
Stats: iunno, just decent enough mag, spd and res and abysmal lck or smth