People want a gacha: I'm making a gacha


Name: Blyvern
Description: Probably crying over KH or FE4.
Class: Wyvern Lord
Stat build: I miss a lot but crit a lot fuck you @Ash3wl

Name: Dozlerana
Description: A kind-hearted soul who wishes only to help others.
Class: Dancer
Stats: High HP, high DEF

Name: Dozlerana (Awk.) [if that doesn’t fit, Dozlerana-A.]
Description: Dozlerana (Awakened (Ultimate (& Knuckles))). This is Dozlerana’s true form, and the last thing seen before one dies.
Class: Demon Lord (If possible, otherwise Revenant or whatever)
Stats: Yes. In everything.


I’ll make mine a png later because that’s probably the problem



Apologies for the delay, the color issue should be fixed now (I hope, plus I made sure to double-check it too)…


this was expected
name: Orion
class: hero (axe user)
description: Shrouded Throne first patch will be out this June.


Too many colors.
And while you are at it, fix the size.


this should work


Any gacha needs a good crossover. Behold, the Squaresoft Classic banner!
yes i know there’s no banners and sizes are wonky

Name: Cecil
Class: Paladin
After shedding himself of his
dark side, he gained the power
to let his friends dodge death.

Name: Terra
Class: Sage
She has magical powers. As a
consequence, all the guys love her.
Bolt is absolutely stunning.

Name: Crono
Class: Swordmaster
A time-travelling, ending-seeking
silent type. Can withstand loud
screeching from ugly planet eaters.

Name: Butz
Class: whatever
With his stunning new looks and
his posse of princesses, this jack
of all trades can master them all.


Adam this should be a png. if not than idk what to do



gba_35%4023%20Dozla_8ACF98 have only 16 color?

proof :


yeah proof

I already posted about this before.
This version you posted now works fine so I’ll use it, the one you posted first did not, I literally just redownloaded it and it has the same issue it had before.


I literally didn’t do anything but recheck via usenti, guess something wrong with my paint. Sorry and thank you.


Uploading images sometimes does weird stuff I guess? Don’t worry about it.


Ah, sorry. It works for me so I have no idea what’s happening.


Like I said before, if it’s working for you try uploading it in a different way to see if that helps, or set transparency, that should help preserve it I would think.


Aight, you have to wait a bit though. My monitor broke recently and I’m waiting for a new one to come in.


Name: Mr. Justice
Class: Monk/Bishop
Description: Had another portrait, but would rather hide his identity with an edgy mask.
Stats: Slow, but has bulk high enough that he doesn’t care about being doubled.



Fixed the colors, should work now - let me know. Sorry I didn’t have time to make moving mouths.


All good.


Figured I’d throw my hat into the ring.
Name: Greg
Class: Ranger
Description: Left eye saw too many cursed images.
Stats: Glass Cannon


image Too many colors says usenti.