Newbe in FEBuilder, help to learn the basics

Hello, I have some questions to ask if anyone can help me, I’m new using FEBuilder.

1 - Is the Original ROM of FE8 the most stable to edit? besides it, is there any other that was made with the additional systems already included and that help the beginner to only edit as a skill system, etc?

2 - Where can I get a beginner music tutorial for the game? I would love to get music to introduce into the game.

3 - Is there a specific place that helps newbies with the basics of the tool for adding as well as editing things?

Thank you very much in advance.

1- If you plan on using FEBuilder, I think FE8 might be the right choice


FEBuilder also has a tool that allows you to port musics from other gba game

3- Fire emblem Universe has a discord server and a dedicated channel to FEBuilder where you can ask anything related to it
you can find the link to the discord here

Hope this helps

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I agree with Jiro’s advice. Just a few additional things:

  1. If you want to add the skill system and its suite of features, simply go to the patches menu in FEBuilder (bottom left corner of “advanced editors” and search for the skill system, select the latest version, then simply click a button and wait a little, and it will be installed to the ROM.
  2. To find music formatted to add in FE8, there is the sister of Klokinator’s graphics repo, the music repo:
    GitHub - Klokinator/FE-Repo-Music: A sister repository for the FEGBA Graphics Repo focusing on music preview files only.
  3. There are many YouTube video tutorials as well, they might be better to get started. Everyone on the Discord shills Vesley’s “Creating a Chapter in 16 Minutes” in particular.

The FEBuilder Discord channel is mainly for more advanced help/bug reports.


In addition to Vesly’s video Norikins linked, you can also check out the FEBuilder FAQ here: UltraxBlade's #febuilder-help FAQ

Also, as someone who spends a lot of time helping people in the FEU Discord’s FEBuilder help channel, it’s fine to come there for less advanced help too! But we encourage you to use the various resources available first to try to solve things yourself. Vesly’s video is an excellent introductory tutorial, the FAQ answers a lot of common questions we get, and there’s plenty of other guides across FEU for more specialized topics.


Thanks to all for the help <3