New promotion method

So I’m not sure if anyone has attempted this yet, and I would love to try myself once I figure out how hacking this game works. Anyways I know in Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, if you had a unit that was promotable (i.e. cavalier) and you leveled them up to 20, you could keep going and the level up for “21” would cause an automatic promotion to the next class (i.e. paladin). I don’t know how feasible this is, or something similar like turning promoted units level cap off, or a new tier of even higher promotions (i.e. Ike going from ranger-> lord/hero -> vangaurd). I’ve just always been obsessed with class promotions and enjoying post game grind, and would love to make final ruins levels around any of these mechanics. Thanks for any help!

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Snek has done some ASM similar to this for his hack, allowing for free promotion once a certain level is hit. It’s not quite the same as the “auto-promoting” at level 21, but it’s in a similar vein

Actually that was mostly Gamma and Teq who did the heavy lifting. I just adapted it with some extra usability. It’s calling a promotion from the unit menu which isn’t quite the same as RD, but it’s close.

AutoPromote.asm is the only source that’s actually used.

ASMC PromotionTime|1

Also this (albeit simple) event that’s called is relevant.

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Ok cool. I’ll look into that then. I’ve always felt that most people don’t really value getting a unit to level 20 before promoting, so giving the player a new incentive to do that is cool. Thanks for the help

If you don’t mind me asking, how should I go about patching that in? I’m really new to this and I have only dipped my toes into figuring out the basics of FEbuilder. Do I have to paste the whole autopromote.asm into a certain folder? Sorry for the trouble :sweat_smile:

Well, you’re gonna have a tricky time making it do exactly what you want unless you want the same behavior that I use (Unit menu option to promote becomes available for unpromoted units at level 15). You would need to know ASM to change that. This method is designed for a buildfile, so working with FEB would be more difficult for this. I’m not super familiar with FEB, so I don’t think I could tell you the best way to go about using this with that tool. Sorry. :slightly_frowning_face:

Dang, well I guess its not a priority just yet. Any suggestions on learning how to make buildfiles or learning asm?

If you’d like to switch to buildfiles, you would likely need to restart your project because it and FEB are pretty incompatible. I’d suggest (Ultimate Tutorial 2) for finding out how to/if you want to switch to buildfiles. It’s a little outdated and is missing some parts, but it’s a good start. Teq’s ASM guide is very good as well (GBAFE Assembly for Dummies, by Dummies). And of course people in the FEU Discord server are around to help in the relevant channels.