Mugging Blitz Round 3


Ooh, I really like that Mozu~


No context wanted. Shoutouts to Eldritch Abomination for giving every FE7 character FE8 colors.


Various Archanea saga characters made by various talented artists for GFE1R.


And the bests for last:

Have Fun with these.








Told you I’d be back.


When the entirety of the Wolfguard has their portraits done but Hardin’s isn’t.


Some were made last year, others made this year, but they’re all the same: simple. “Families that slay together stay together.” (From left to right, top to bottom: Borislav ‘Boris’, Lyuben ‘Ben’, Gemma, Gray, Phineas, Fausto, Gustav, Mikhail, Valentyn, Brava)




This is Arthur from Fe5 in Fe8 colors and made a blinking animation.


Because halfbodies,


Question, everyone. Should I put halfbodies in a different folder, or should I manually reformat them to normal mug proportions?


Why not both?


They’ll be cut off because they also expand the width. Put em in a seperate folder.


imo i’ll put the gfe1rs and sme’s exeggutor in a folder called “Halfbodies.” didnt actually know kirb expanded the hackbox so that’ll come in handy for the second coming of requansumi


you did tho, you even made a requantized some mugs for halfbodying like way back lol


Just three more versions of Tiki, mage!Florina, girl!Wil and Dolph this time


More mugs because of course. First, two more Zelda CDi mugs:

Then here’s a mug and a halfbody for Rekka Nagisa from Doki Doki Majo Shinpan Duo, a DS dating sim (I think):

Had to give her a haircut to fit in the mug hackbox, but it worked out. Originally the halfbody was going to use boob jiggle frames instead of blinking frames because of course, but they’re too big to fit so instead I just made it work (that’s not a tlp minimug ok, it’s a different face and not just a lazy cutout)

Why did I make these? No idea. Have I ever played the game she’s from? Nope. Will I? Probably not. Why are we still here? Just to suffer?


Here’s sonic from sonic battle. Why? I don’t know.


Now do Shadow


More mugs. You know the drill at this point.

Karate Man from Rhythm Heaven, Luke from Professor Layton, and Guy In Sunglasses from Generic Licensed DS Game.