Mugging Blitz Round 3


Sorry, just following the groundwork laid down by Circles and Peerless in previous blitzes.


Heyo, two more

Ephraim with a beard and DOwOrcas


Considering calling off the blitz and just having these two masterpieces and edgeworth tbh ngl fam


Who wouldnt want edgeworth


Have this poor attempt at a port of an Advance Wars portrait I made for an abandoned project, may submit more if I find the rest of the portraits.


Have some people with hats.

Credit to Sme for the base for this last one.


Here’s Sengoku Nadeko from the Monogatari Series!


Five more FMA mugs, this time from the prequel to the game the last ones were from since this one has an English fan translation.

(That’s not a TLP minimug I swear)


Wrath is WAY too happy haha


A dank hero Lugh, a CavNino, TOtally not Carrion, My bad OC Ganon :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

Also Lugh X Raigh portrait (Blinking Sprites were used from Shin19’s Lugh)

I apologize :kappa: :sneezing_face:


DOwOrcas has a pointed head
The KKK uniform has a pointed head
DOwOrcas is a member of the KKK confirmed
(Why did I make this)


Hitagi from Bakemonogatari

Shinobu from Bakemonogatari

Code: 02 from Darling in the franxx


Forgot the name of this guy but it’s from Danganrompa


Penguin shitpost


Sup guys, first time I take part in this. So here, have some Fates mugs, along with a Palutena and uhh a child version of Sue I guess


I have arrived to show you the few mugs i have made! I’m still new at this but I want to contribute as well.


Another set of 5 FMA mugs. The homunculi are missing blinking/talking frames because I took them from a cg and not a conversation. Also had to redraw Lust’s elbow, so that was fun.


Like promised, a few more mugs…
Impa, FE6 Blinks+Recolors + a few reclasseed characters…

and yet another joke mug


Pokemon mugs because… why not?


I know the choices! Misery Dungeon! (That was intentional)


It’s been a day since I submitted new portraits, so you know what that means!

Half-inspired by Batima’s king and half-inspired by an offhand comment on Discord, here’s some Zelda CD-i mugs, featuring “I wonder what Ganon’s up to!”, “You must die!”, and “Lamp Oil? Rope? Bombs? You want it? It’s yours my friend! As long as you have enough rubies!”

Also because I keep making more and more mugs I’ll just send you them all in a zip file when the blitz is over Vivi


I bring you the last set of FMA mugs (for now). Beat the game, missed a few mugs going through, a couple others don’t fit in the hackbox no matter what, plus I’ve barely touched the sequel.