Mugging Blitz Round 3


Lol, I spent all day making a crappy layton XD


Oh no, what a horrible curse to suffer.


Before I get into the meat of this, here’s a throne:

Now, here’s every single racer from Mario Kart Wii + Hammer Bro and Paratroopa as an FE mug:

They’re just the racer profiles and some came out better than others, but here’s this.

(i put way too much effort into this, it took me like 2 hours)


While I’m at it, here’s some Sonic mugs too:

Working towards hitting 100 mugs for the blitz, only 19 more to go


Make a Shadow the Hedgehog mug pls

Damn has this Blitz impressed me. There’s been a lotta submissions this time


Here’s a couple Legend of Zelda sprites. Currently working on a Tetra sprite

This one’s VERY outdated, but it’s usable


a couple less recent sprites, but ech


Ow the Edge


A very Radd boi. Stealth helped a bit with this one



Atey’s Soren x Monkeybard’s Bridal Lyn


so this what i thought could do eliwood is a Girl now


I noticed that my FEA Tiki’s frames don’t seem to match her actual sprite so…

Update, I guess


Late mug release, but whatevs. Beta Eliwood Look at screen portrait with mouth and blinking frames. Enjoy.


A Tetra


Final post for the blitz, and with these 12 mugs I will have officially submitted 100 mugs to this blitz.

Starting off, memes

A few of these were suggestings when I ran out of ideas and I don’t even know who they are

Next, some mugs with minor changes:

Atey’s Soren with FE8 colors (and frames of questionable quality) and Zorua’s F!Robin as F!Grima

Here’s Cath and Mouldorc

Next two splices of questionable quality:

First was meant to be Hinoka but is really bad, second is meant to be Deirdre and (at least in my opinion) came out alright. it’s based off of some cipher art and the palette is faithful to that

These make a total of 99 mugs. Now, what will the last one be?

Nyarden. Credit to Ippei for drawing Nyarden and credit to YangKai for the Arden base that’s also part of this blitz

iirc one or two mugs I never actually put on the thread but will be included in the package I send to Vivi, and in that folder there’s exactly 98 mugs and 2 halfbodies, totaling 100 mugs for this blitz from me


Here’s an unusual pirate crew of some renown. I guess. (From left to right, top to bottom: Marinus, Ervin, Lennon, Yuto, Mira)
EDIT: I forgot about something, credit to Melliel on Discord for altering Yuto’s chin & jaw to a degree that he looks more appealing than before. (Don’t ask for the before, it’s long gone.)


Shitty old splices here:

Magician woman

Saito from Zero no Tsukaima

Old magician

Masked guy


Tsundere cleric





Dark Mage







First OC

Second version OC

Current version OC

Not splices here:

Fairy girl, first version is with my shitty palette I used for Izarck’s quest, second one is with Fe8 palette.
This is also quite old lol
Also best for last:

Emiya Archer from Fate/Stay Night


Mugging Blitz 3 is over, however you may still submit mugs before I compile the package.


proyect is ded?