Melia's sprites


Biggest improvements are here. Really glad you fixed her face. It looked derpy before but now she looks great!


Hi ! I’m here with some FE4 portraits edits
(Eyvel’s Face still looks weird to me but can’t find a way to make a better one yet)

And a new one

And btw all my FE4 portraits are now F2U (with credits)


Still working on my fe4 portraits

And a new oc


First two have very noticeable improvements, especially regarding dancer girl’s lips and chest outlines, though I’m not sure what changed on guy #3. I don’t know FE4 character names, unfortunately.


For the guy (Ulster) I mainly changed hair and neck shading, and did some edits on the face and clothes. But he was already looking pretty good


Finally changed these boy’s faces

And Danann portrait !
I really enjoyed doing his face, it’s cool to sprite other things than a perfect beautiful young character


You’re telling me Danaan is NOT perfect and beautiful?!


Oooh, I love old guy badasses.


The Oliver of Jugdral


Is that last one Justin Bieber?


New portraits : Arion and Ced !
Arion%20portrait Ced%20portrait


Looks like you missed updating the improved sprites in the opening post.


It’s because i didn’t make the frames yet


Ah, ok


I’m on my phone so it’s a bit hard to tell, but with the strands of hair that are over Ced’s face: if you use the 2nd or 3rd shades of skin colour for the last few wispy bits of the hair, rather than the lightest hair colour, I think this will help you achieve a smoother effect? that would be much more within the style of GBAFE mugs


I tried to do this but it didn’t look well at all, but i was probably doing it wrong. I’ll try to find some ref in vanilla mugs.

And I updated Lene, Ares, Oifey, Larcei and Ulster portraits in the first post


Malos and a new Riki for 2019
malos rikinew


Rikk looks like the Patrick meme except facing up. But these sprites are amazing!


I live for Malos.

Riki can come too I guess. ’ 3’


Hey Melia, sorry it took to long to put this together. This is what I was talking about, with my edits on the left:

As you can see, it’s very subtle, but the 1 px of 2nd skin tone just helps smooth things out very slightly. I don’t pretend to be an amazing spriter but it was just one thing that I noticed about the hair. They are fantastic mugs, otherwise.