Melia's sprites


Hi everyone !
I’ve been spriting for quiet some time now (not often though) and decided to show you my creations (if you’re on the Discord you’ve probably already saw them)

Portraits :
Original Characters (not free to use)

Fire Emblem 4 second gen/Thracia characters (for YangKai’s Jugdral Saga Project , Free to use, credit me pls)

Halfbody (free to use):

Other stuff

malos rikinew

Battle sprites :

Saint animation

Dodge :

Staff animation :

Light magic animation :

Crit animation


Those are really nice! Great work on these.

How long have you been spriting for?


Thanks !
Hmmm I started maybe two years ago on summer with some splices and then i stopped (because of my studies). And then i started again this April


Nice, keep at it!


Stuff looks pretty good
Is all of this for personal use or is any of it open to the public?


Nice. That black and gold dragon thingy looks hella dope.


Thanks, however original characters are not open to the public (except if i precise it)




Beautiful :heart_eyes:


Thank you !
And here is Ares



^This girl is absolutely bae. Love the hair and that cute smile. The hair ribbon is a great touch too.


You should update the opening post with Lene, Ares and so on, so people can see your sprites easily. Also, great work!


Thank you ! I was inspired by Emma (the little pegasi girl from FE Cipher card) when i designed her


Ho ok good idea i’ll do that. And thanks !


Can I do an Emma edit? XD


Hmmm no sorry, I really don’t want my mugs to be edit


Okay. Fair enough


Johan and Johalva


Love all of them