Melia's sprites


@ArcaneEli Are you comparing my Riki to this

@MageKnight404 whaat of course you want the mighty heropon Riki

@Agro Ooooh thanks, i get it now ! because I tried some weird stuff :
cededit (i also changed his face, idk if it’s better ?)

Aaaand i’m here with some stuff :
Best Zelda with a cheap background and
a beautiful Tom Nook gif


I had to come out of my lurking corner to comment on how awesome that Zelda and Tom Nook are.
Also XenoEmblem when? :thinking:


Thanks ! A XenoEmblem would be so cool

Belle from Staff of Ages


That is super cute. Wow.

I also just noticed your Zelda from a few posts back. Something about the girls you draw is extremely moe.




Nickt has a more moe style


Thanks !
And thanks Nickt for this beautiful smiling Moe but wtf i don’t remember him to be so scary

And I did Nero from Devil May Cry 5 (i don’t know anything about DmC exept that it’s about cool white haired half demon dudes destroying demons whith cool combos but i like the chara design so)
I tried some palettes

And here's the ref



Lookin’ mighty fine, also that’s some hella grassy hair, haha.

For clarification as well, acronym is DMC, DmC is the title given to the Ninja Theory reboot: “DmC Devil May Cry”.


Thanks ! Yeah I wasn’t sure about how to do his hair and it ended up like this.

Oooh ok thanks that’s why, I often saw the “DmC” acronym so I thought it was for all games


Oh my love of portraits!

Melia even though you didnt need to but the fact that you did it anyways, making that Nero portrait is baaaaadasssss.

A fan of FE and DMC would just cry joy over this.



eat a dick, discourse


Haha thanks ! Making a portrait of a more realistic character was pretty cool, I really enjoy doing him (especially the face, but i love doing faces)


Look pretty nice, i love the shading. Also i get why devil may cry now.


Hi ! didn’t post anything for a while but don’t worry i’m still spriting a lot (i just don’t show some stuff)
My portrait from the splice competition and a new Melia portrait because my old one is just… old (both free to use with credits)

And Ace from One Piece because he’s cool and because he deserves it and because he’s really cool


Sprite Pirate King Buggy or I shall riot.