Melia's sprites

Yeah sure !

Hi ! I didn’t post anything these last days because holiday and laziness (especially laziness).
But now here i am with some portraits : Lifis and Eyvel !


My first halfbody : Edelgard !

And I’m probably going to do Dimitri and Claude next


Praise Melia! :DD Just Amazin’ !

Thanks !
But omg what’s happening


._. idk you tell me lol, I forgot to like your other sprites heh.


Shoot, they caught me, btw Arch has experienced worse, I remember to have given more than 140 likes in a day…Things happen… sometimes Aren’t we gettin’ a little off topic lol?


Just WOW!
I really really dig your art Melia! Especially that Edelgard! Simply love that one.

I’m stoked to see more of you in the future.
keep up the good work :ok_hand:

I always have a smile on my face whenever I see your work! I wish I could work as fast and consistently put out good work. Those are few of the many things I admire about you. :smile:

Continue to be the best you can be! I love to see more from you in the future.


Woah thanks for these really kind comments ! (and all of your likes too)

Here’s Dimitri :

I’ll try to start Claude tomorrow ! But he’ll probably take more time because STUDIES

edit : did some really small edits on the portrait (same for Edelgard, like 2 pixels)


No clue if man or woman, but I’m in love either way.

Thank you !
But lol that’s Dimitri from FE16, he’s a dude


How do you even work so fast? Once again, you’re amazing! :DD

Yeah. Sure she is.

Next thing you’ll tell me is Lucius is a dude. Lmao.


And finally here is Claude !

I’m maybe going to do Byleth (or i don’t remember his name, but the supposed MU guy)
But i’ll go back to school tomorrow and i’ve got a lot of work waiting for me next weeks, so I will have much more less time for spriting


Hey @Melia you go make more animations?

Maybe, but not for now. School takes me a looooooot of time, and animations are pretty time consuming for me


Ok thanks for the answer

Hi there !
It’s been almost 6 months since I created this topic, and i decided to do some edits of the first portraits i posted here (originals chara), because why not. It’s mainly hair and face edits :

(really small edits for her)

(in case you could’nt tell : old / new)

It’s really funny to rework on old portraits, like seeing the weird stuff and mistakes we made and all. I’m also going to edits some of the judgral chara portraits (like Oifey, Johan, Johalva, aka the laziest hair shading i’ve made)

edit :
Find old portraits for some of these chara, always cool to see the improvement i’ve made