Melia's sprites


Thank you ! And Larcei is done


And Ulster too


Lester and Delmud


Lester’s hair looks unnatural, I think because it’s too high


Ho yeah you’re right (i was probably badly inspired by his FE4 portrait)
Is this better ?


And Fee is done


That looks much better


Arthur is done !

and i’ll probably rework on Lester’s and Delmud’s face


Here is Dalsin (and i’m finally trying to understand the secret of good hair shading)

(and i just realise he is too small compared to other character i want to cry)



Try to make a non-developed hero from Thracia (I mean Ralph)


Maybe one day, because he’s not in Yang Kai’s project so he isn’t a priority

Fred and Karin are done !


Leif and Nanna


Nanna qt and so is her bf


everything looks so amazing, keep it up! :DD


Thanks !
And best man Finn is here


I really love how you make the outline, shade hair and clothing but that robe/cape, looks a bit off to me.


Thanks and yeah i had a hard time shading his cape (idk why the white color is just blocking me). I’ll try to rework on it tomorrow


I like don’t know where you came from but holley sheit you are amazing


Haha thanks !

And instead of working on Finn’s cape, i tried to do some battle animation, so i started with something simple and did an animation for my saint (from fe echoes) battle sprite :

Dodge :

Staff animation :

Light magic animation :

I just reproduced the bishop attack animation because I wasn’t feeling like creating some new crazy unique animation for a first time, and i’ll probably do the same for the crit animation.

Edit : Crit animation

I still have to make the sounds effects though


Oh nice; will you be making these free to use in the animation directory?