Animation Request for Riki from Xenoblade

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I’m new here and currently working together with Retrogamer on a Hack which is still in early development. I don’t want to reveal to much about it before it’s in state that I think is worth showing of. However it will feature some familiar faces like Melia and Riki from Xenoblade Chronicles. Speaking of Melia - She allowed me to use her potrait of Riki for our hack. Since it looked so good, I wanted to use it for the said hack. I edited it so it is possible to use his face ingame without cutting anything off. We also made his map and mouth animations. So he would be ready to be added in but we have difficulties with a battle animation. It is the only thing missing and arguable the most important thing about a new class. If you wonder why, he isn’t a human character so a normal animation would be out of question.

Our plan is to give him access to axes. (No pun intended.) This is the weapon type that comes close enough to the weapons he’s using in his original game. So we need at least that and an animation for him throwing axes. We would also be happy if it would be a sprite of him that can be animated later by us.

In the end I want to show some screenshots related to Melia and Riki and how they’re currently looking ingame. While Riki is going to be a tanky fighter with high HP, Melia will start as a cleric but with the ability to summon ether elements.

Riki Screen3


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I guess I’m obligated to post the warning this time

Most artists won’t be willing to create battle animations without some kind of compensation, and/or more progress and project stability. That’s not to mention that Riki isn’t a human, and would be a bit harder to animate. This is your first post on FEU (congrats for postin btw), so maybe try to get a bit more project to show off? It’d help with convincing animators to help with your project. Apologies if this comes off as rude, and if an artist wants to prove me wrong go ahead lol


Tbh I think there’s proof of concept here, that it’d be used in a project with care put into it, but yeah, good point to make, Runa.

The request is not necessary anymore since Retro was able to create a working battle animation.
This was basically the only difficult thing left for us to fix (for now) and that means that all playable characters are finished!

I was thinking about showing a bit more beforehand in order to get the attention of more people. But I’m glad I didn’t up to this point. As I said earlier we want to reach a state of something where we feel that it is worth showing. Which means, something playable and something good. And at the time where I made this post we didn’t even had a chapter of gameplay material ready.

Our biggest goal is to make a game that is on a similar level to the original FE Games. It is our first hack and that might be a tricky goal for newcomers - but we made good progress over the last month. And it is absolutely beautiful to see how your project evolves. For us this project is a lot of fun. And we can’t wait to share it with you. But for now we’re going to continue working on it.

Thank you for reading this post ^^