Mechanical things you like/dislike about FE14 [NO PLOT SPOILERS]

Stuff to steal for hax:

  • Ranged weapons (Javelins, Hand Axes) cannot double.
  • Brave effect only activates when unit initiates the attack.
  • Effective weapons do .5 (?) damage to all other classes; you get the effective hit, but with the trade-off of countering poorly on the enemy phase (unless trade shenanigans–can we just make trade unavailable with grayed out units? rip LTC).
  • Renewal weapon effect after initiating a battle.
  • Capture-able Revenant Knight OP fuck yeah.
  • Anna the “Herb Merchant.”
  • Lance/Bow class riding a Phoenix (?), total aerial dominance bro.
  • Puppeteer seems pretty fuckin’ leet bro.
  • Making Katana/Naginata/Clubs/Yumi/Spells into their own variant weapon-line instead of just a Blade/Greatlance/Poleax style setup.
  • A few kinda neat skillz.

Stupidest shit ever:

  • Brigand weapons that rip clothes with WTA? IntSys, just make a separate hentai game series to satisfy your urges.
  • “Throwing sword” and all the other enemy-only weapon lines that blatantly subvert the game’s rules to add difficulty.
  • Weapon AS boost/penalties just a poor man’s Wt/Con.
  • Bajillions of silly skillz that inflate existing class specializations.

Be respectful and keep plot shit outta here for the people who dun wanna be spoilered but are also interested in game mechanic stuff.

This has been a thing for like ever though. Siege tomes, Spears, Tomahawks, all/most Dark magic, all axes, Fortify off the top of my head have all had times where they’ve been enemy-only or practically so. I don’t see the difference here.

What’s wrong with loads of personal skills, if that’s what you mean? It sounds great to me.

Hey arch, FE14 uses the stairs thing that I think EN uses. (player unit enters a stair tile and goes somewhere else)

Though they can use their remaining mov and attack after going through stairs.

This… doesn’t count as a spoiler does it? lol

Also, yeah, Phoenix/Golden Kite warrior is hype

At first I was mad about the enemy only weapons too, but it’s been done in other FE’s too, so I stopped caring.

Tho, I do feel that the enemy having access to 1-2 range silver bows and infinite use status staves(granted, just in one chapter for the staves) is a bit too evil for my liking.

Course, I would play Kirby, not FE, if I minded BS constantly being thrown at me

Bow Pegasus knights are awesome tho.

Yeah, and those were all poor decisions. Every single thing you’ve listed should pretty obviously be available to the player. Poison weapons too. When you think about it, enemies in FE14 are literally getting harder by getting stupider (aka attacking with bow at close range or throwing their swords).

But hey, let’s follow up bad decision-making by implementing that bad decision on a larger scale: it’s the IntSys way, lol.

What I like: More hybrid classes, new combinations to try out, selectivity with the classes between characters, and the return of Halber- erm, “Spear Saints”.


I think weapon AS/penalties aren’t a poor man’s wt/con, because they affect all characters equally. Each character having individual con sounds like a good idea, but it mostly just leads to stupid stuff like Echidna or Isadora. Not to mention that they only affect your ability to double, not your ability to dodge.

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I like:

  • AoE skills on DancerSinger and some personal skills have 2 range. Meaning you have to put them in danger to get the benefit (from archers) but be careful enough to keep them away from melee.

Being able to use siege tomes would break the DS games in half almost as bad as FE11 Warp lol. Fenrir and Hel in FE4 would be pretty nasty too. Poison weapons would be about useless to the player unless you change how poison works in the first place.

Having Tomahawks and Spears in FE12 would have partly defeated the purpose of nerfing Javelins/Hand Axes too, they’re basically Silvers with 3 less Mt. They’re there to give enemy units a stronger 1-2 range option that isn’t triple-forged Hand Axe or something. In a game about killing all the enemies without losing any of yours, they’d be far more powerful in your hands than theirs.

Fire Emblem is an inherently asymmetrical game - enemies can appear in greater numbers and tote gear much better than yours, because they’re stupid and you aren’t. Is it a bad decision to give enemies Silver weapons or Fortify staves on higher difficulties? It certainly isn’t fair that they have dozens of the things while you only have one or two.

Then design the game better so that enemies can function properly.

Not to mention that you did get a siege tome in FE11: Gotoh comes with Swarm, and it was actually pretty pathetic from my experience (even online). Not getting Spear/Tomahawk was utterly lame in FE12. And if you can give enemies forged weapons, why are they not using that functionality instead of making weapons enemy-only?

But also: THIS IS WHY DURABILITY WAS A THING, YO. It’s not so skewed as you make it out to be when enemies just rely on strength-in-numbers and rarely have to worry about breaking weapons before death, whereas your goal is to keep everyone alive which incentivizes the smart allocation of resources. Give enemies all the silvers and fortifies they need; but when we start relying on enemy-only weapons as a source of difficulty, it just seems like they’re getting more and more blatantly, illogically asymmetrical as time goes on. If they have Iron/Steel/Silver throwing weapons/close bows, you can be they’ll be prevalent in the harder modes. At least by giving them forged weapons, the player can match that power for a price.

I honestly like the lack of durability. If funds are limited, which in the Nohr route they are, the downright insane pricetags for weapons does what durability would of anyway, and I can actually use my favorite weapons without feeling guilty.

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At durability:
Concepts in a vacuum at spotty at best. It has to do with the implementation and how the other mechanics balance around them.

You guys,

This is the game released after the game-broken, poorly balanced trainwreck known as Awakening. You’d think IS has learned by now and the new stuff looks good on paper, but it’s still probably just fake difficilty.

But on the plus side, no more worring about breaking your one-time only regalias, right?

Hey, at least second seals are no longer completely broken, since a characters level doesn’t reset with the use of a seal that’s not a master seal.

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Most definitely this. Solid improvement–still, it only took them four games to figure out something like reclassing…

Anyways, here’s some more nifty additions now that SF’s weapon/item pages are complete:

  • S-rank weapons are back, but lol @unbreakable regalia. Hopefully those aren’t given to players periodically throughout the story! If it’s postgame only, maybe that’s fine. Typically, I think that 50 use regalia would be an adequate amount. GBAFE has Hammerne, after all (and you can give those to players more freely in a postgame setting).
  • Silence returns as the “Wind Summon” baton, for a one turn status effect.
  • Freeze staff reduces enemy Mov to 0 & avo -20 for one turn.
  • Bifrost is like a better Aum staff; just resurrects the last character who died on the current map.
  • Draw staff warps an enemy to you. That’s an interesting take. Batons get the traditional warp staff.

So some status effects return, some new ones, but all of them only last a turn. No poison that I can see.

Why complain about the infinite use Regalia? I’m sure we all just spammed Armsthrift to make them infinite use anyway

Also, Galeforks is nerfed. It doesn’t work when in attack stance, AND you need a special promo item to even access Dark Falcon.(AKA Dark Flier)

Didn’t DOF do this years ago? (IS steals from the andom again)

Neat. I dislike but it’s k.

I considered this once actually, but then the weapon is just completely shit. It basically becomes like a devil axe/other niche weapon. Useful for only one thing, nothing else.

But we have bow/lance wyvern lord (dragon master) already)

Having not played the game yet, what is this?

I considered doing this once for polearms and poleaxes (Lance/sword and lance/axe respectively) and they would be much stronger than other weapons, but would require two weapon levels to wield. I ditched it because in the end, there’s no easy way to display two weapon levels as a requirement aside from the weapon’s description. Also I don’t think GBA could handle two weapon levels as a requirement at the time.

No this is cool and link a video plz.

Yeah why not just keep WT in this case then :B

FE14 sounds aight but really most of this stuff was in the fandom already in one way or another. Where is Kaga to save this franchise?

They’re like summoners, but they can summon a puppet of themselves and ride on an animal-esque puppet. It’s a neat class idea. Shuriken/Yumi weapon selection, probably some decent magekillers.

Maybe I can do this in GBAFE by editing the rescue staff usability.

I should probably point out that since this is a Hoshido class, they wield Yumi and not Bows, so they just get Res+2 boosts and not super effectiveness against Air. Either that or Serenes doesn’t mention that they’re effective.