Mechanical things you like/dislike about FE14 [NO PLOT SPOILERS]

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That’s pretty nice, I think:)


I do wonder if it serves a mechanical purpose.


From the E3 videos, I liked how the AI seemed to be much smarter this time around. The players themselves were terrible, but the AI still made some unexpected moves.


I’m actually really, really glad durability is gone. It was almost never a real concern except for stuff that had like one use, or the S-rank weapons in FE6 - and that’s just because they give you some of them so early and you miss out on the true ending if you break them. ‘Match that power for a price?’ the games usually just hand you a brave weapon around the midpoint, and it’s very rare that you need to rely on it so much that it breaks anytime before the very last map.

Removing durability and making weapons more unique is a change for the better.


Though I don’t think durability is gone from all modes. At least, there’s still entries for in the data in SF (maybe it’s toggleable like classic/casual).


Staves/Batons have durability still, so that’s probably why.


So they do, and nothing else does. Okay then.


Pretty sure Yumi have flying effectiveness still.

(I had my MC reclassed to dragon rider, and since Hoshido seems to love bows(yumi)…)


I asked my sister a day ago and so they are. Serenes Forest is just really confusing about it.


I’m really a fan of the new reclassing mechanics. Growths are actually vaguely important again! Plus, buddy and marriage seals mean that units are no longer restricted to their base and promoted classes.


imo I think postgame Buddy seals seem a bit OP. I think capping it at just Marriage seals would have been fine, and even make you consider who you pair together rather carefully.


outside of the avatar, aren’t buddy seals limited to one? (as in, it works off the A+ support rank, which a character can only have one of)

If you knew that then nvm lol


I didn’t, but even so, I still think that’s too gud for the avatar.


I don’t disagree regarding the avatar.


I think it’s better, since it actually takes effort to get lots of classes, unlike in awakening where you could just access absolutely everything right off the bat.


Maybe “better” but Awakening is an iffy basis for comparison


[…though upon reflection, there really isn’t enough exp in Nohr to send the Avatar through many classes. Without the item that boosts the level cap by 5 (I read it costs 120,000? Typo? I have nowhere near that much money lmao, haven’t seen anywhere to buy it, but I have not upgraded my shop…) you won’t be getting the skills from the other classes either even if you have access to the other classes if you can’t level.]


Oh, I know one I like. The maid class, not just because the generic maid is the cutest thing in the whole game, but also for an unmounted physical/staff unit. Being able to heal yourself at the same time as an ally is also amazing for a frontline healer.


Yeah, it’s a really cool skill.


The ability to capture and recruit enemies and some bosses is a really neat idea. I know FE5 had capture, but this is a bit different and somewhat cooler.