Map Sprite/Class Card Repository

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I’m pretty sure someone else had made a female cavalier


A more human version of the mounted brigand


Cavalier M and F( Edited from sprites of Team Salvaged):
Sword :




Generic Archsage class card


Whoa, awesome, now cavs have tons of representation!


These cavs are really good


I made these a couple months ago: Standing animation, moving animation and class card for AlfredKamon and Blue Druid’s Wicked Flier.


I had edited and made female for battle sage:


Ranger F:


Added all of the recent class cards and map sprites to my WIP build of the repo.


Awesome work on that Wicked Flier content!! Btw I created the concept but Blue Druid made the actual animation.
Thanks for these, Meat.


Oh, when I downloaded it only you were credited, I’ll fix it right now.


Hey guys. There’s a map sprite in my repo. It’s this one, the “Landsknecht.”

Who made this? Does it have an accompanying class? Can’t find it on FEU search.


it’s from staff of ages and they have an animation


Is it free to use/released anywhere? Should this even be in my repo? I haven’t a clue who submitted it.


I made the map sprite, animation, and class card for the landsknecht. There’s nothing stopping people from using them, but I’d prefer that people not use them because I am not satisfied with their quality and want to remake them, so I don’t want the current versions spreading around too much. I’d appreciate if you were to keep them off of your personal repo until then.


Alright. In that case, I’ll remove it. Seemed weird it was in there…

Did our favorite forum member donate it himself? You know the one…


Is there a map sprite for female warriors?


Checked my repo. If it exists, I don’t have it. I don’t think it exists.

Maybe check FEgirls data with FEbuilder?


I checked. FEGirls has a female fighter, warrior, and berserker. They’re in my repo now.

Here you go.