Map Sprite/Class Card Repository

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Class card for Sniper M (Hatless), I use it for marksman


I hope they useful, Sword Paladin F:


Pretty sure, someone else had already made a female paladin with swords, but ok, it’s always nice to have


Paladin M:



Caliver F:



I hope it useful,Shaman Hatless:


Added all of those to my repo.

I really need to release the big update…


I might be not sure if it’s perfect, but i’m gonna upload it anyway. Generic dancer class card


I think it needs some touch ups, but the pose itself is amazing


Monk F:


I had fixed the Monk F:

And here for Hero F:


I love them both, great work!


I had made a map sprite for Assasin F:


So I had made that about half a year ago, I suppose I could post it so, it’s a female cavalier with a different ponytail, that’s all about it,
And this is just an edit of the almost motion less beta mercenary map sprite.


@WhydidImakethisaccount @RobertFPY I think you guy should work together. One made weapon, one made hair style


hah sure, I don’t mind, he’s currently making a female Warrior classcard


Assassin Hatless:


Have a Gold Knight (i.e. really simple Great Knight edit). Tested and ready for insertion.


Unfortunately, since the cavalier doesn’t include motion sprites, I don’t think I should add it to the repo unless there’s an existing moving map sprite for femcavs that would work. I’ll add the merc though.


Hm, not sure which class this is intended for. Maybe this one?